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The #RelayBersamaJiayou campaign is all about helping Malaysians in need

by Grace Sundram

A special cheer to all Malaysians, “Bersama, kita Jia You”! LG Household & Health Care Malaysia, the parent company of renowned K-beauty brand THEFACESHOP, calls for fellow Malaysians to stay strong as a unit to brace through this pandemic by spreading cheers and helping one another with its #RelayBersamaJiayou campaign – an initiative where consumers get to help communities in need while acquiring their daily essential beauty products.

The pandemic has brought socioeconomic structure changes to Malaysians, especially towards vulnerable communities who face a bigger challenge in going through their daily lives, even during pre-Covid19 days. The available government’s cash assistance schemes may be utilised only to cover their high medical fees and frugally on daily expenses such as utility bills and groceries. For some, they might even have suffered from job loss due to nationwide lockdown, further driving these people to be in need of aid more than ever now.

RelayBersamaJiayou Donation Items

As the health crisis prevails to be widespread nationwide, the pressure to maintain and practise safe hygiene is of utmost importance. Bringing light unto the urgency of ensuring safe hygiene, LG Household & Health Care Malaysia aims to provide vulnerable communities who have been left out on social assistance with in-house household essential products such as disinfection spray, hand sanitizing tissues, and KF-AD face mask. The partnered beneficiaries from the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF), MAKNA, Komuniti Tukang Jahit Malaysia, Epic Home and MyKasih Foundation, are the communities that have precariously been driven to fall under the group of pandemic poor and for those who fall under the B40 group. For most of them, the donated items are not widely viewed as a daily necessity due to restricted financial means to purchase.

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Starting 13th March 2021, Malaysians can join in the relay of doing good while shopping for essential beauty needs from THE FACE SHOP, belif, Beyond and all participating brands under the umbrella of the company via its nationwide retail stores (through Phone Order and WhatsApp Personal Shopper Service or visit the stores) and e-commerce site (www.thefaceshop.com.my). Consumers will be able to nominate a beneficiary of their choice to receive the essential products donation from LG Household & Health Care Malaysia, subject to the total spent per transaction.

“We understand the challenges that many families have to face and overcome during this ordeal – sources of income have halted especially the B40 group, some have to continuously battle with an illness; hence, we’d like to provide a more sentimental impact to minimise their burden while ensuring healthy self-hygiene to be taken care of especially during this challenging time,” said Steven Jeong, Business Director of LG Household & Health Care Malaysia.

Together with the help and support of Malaysians, LG Household & Health Care Malaysia wishes to share and help people in need during this crucial time while assuring your essential K-beauty needs and wants are met.

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