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The limited-edition KFC original number plate ‘KFC 11’ is up for bid

by Grace Sundram

All of you fried chicken fans have certainly shown your love for the fast-food chain with the recent success of its special KFC car registration plates bid. These number plates that ended the bidding through the JPJ application on February 17 managed to collect the revenue of RM2,018,364 which is super crazy and shocking. Who knew Malaysians are such die-hard fans of the brand?

Following the success, KFC Malaysia will once again hold its one-time-only bid for its limited-edition KFC Original Plate ‘KFC 11’ on Feb 25 from 11 am – 11 pm on the official KFC Malaysia’s Facebook page.


The bid opens at RM11 and super fans can start to participate with a minimum bid increase of the only RM1. The person who managed to bid the highest will be confirmed as the winner whereby 100% of the profit will be channelled to the local project of KFC’s — KFC Add Hope Malaysia — that is its global initiative to end world hunger.

What makes the KFC Original Plate unique is that it represents the brand’s iconic 11 secret herbs and secret spices. Imagine being the sole owner of this plate? Without a doubt, this would certainly make you KFC’s number fan.


On another note, the fast-food joint has been known to be part of many community empowerment programmes to help give back to the community including Add Hope Malaysia. The initiative focuses to help feed those in hunger hence why whatever funds are generated via the donation boxes (which you’d find on the counter of every KFC outlet) will be directed via Add Hope Distribution Programme and collaboration programmes with NGOs. Apart from that, KFC also has been part of helping out with the United Nation World Food Programme (WFP)’s food relief programmes in
the least developed nations around the world.

To participate in the KFC Original Plate Bidding, participants would have to log on to their Facebook page and begin bidding by commenting on the Facebook post. Those with the highest bid will be the sole winner and will be contacted by a KFC representative about payment.

Pictures by KFC Malaysia

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