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‘Donut’ miss out on trying these 8 irresistible doughnuts in KL & PJ

by Grace Sundram

Ranging from a wide variety of classic to premium topped doughnuts, we have compiled 8 of the best places to get for you to get your fix of hot, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth doughnut-y goodness.



This popular cafe is famous for its desserts and one of ’em is the weekend treats such as the vanilla cream doughnuts. For one, we are certain nothing is better than fulfilling those cravings of yours.

Miss Shortcakes


Their Belgian chocolate doughnuts are a crowd favourite as it is made with Belgian chocolate cocoa powder. It’s super-rich and luscious that it will take you to chocolate heaven. If you’re craving for it, just place an order a day before. Apart from them, Miss Shortcakes have come up with their very own Onde Onde doughnuts. So delicious as it is filled with a pandan custard, topped with coconut flakes and dipped in a Gula Melaka glaze. Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy, indeed.

Dotty’s Pastries And Coffee


Another OG doughnut place that is famous for its Salted Egg Croughnut. As for the doughnuts, Dotty’s also have it in ovomaltine, peanut butter and jelly, plain sugar, milo and kaya.

Halo Doughnut


The difference between their doughnuts and the rest is that it has a much richer and softer texture because of its sourdough base. With just that, it would definitely have to pique your interest to try out their doughnuts. To place an order, you can always go through their social media accounts where they will post a list of flavours that will be available for the week.

Patina by Three


Specialises in artisanal doughnuts and coffee, Patina by Three is all about giving its patrons a good “round of food for every mood.” Imagine these doughnuts are filled to the brim with luscious fillings that you would always come back for.

My Bites & Co

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These Italian-inspired filled doughnuts can be eaten anytime and over at My Bites & Co, you won’t stop at just one. Their bomboloni comes in flavours such as caramel, butterscotch, green tea, chocolate peanut, strawberry and so much more.

Orito KL


If you’re the type who enjoys pastries and desserts, then Orito KL is the place for you. Fans of stuffed doughnuts will likely enjoy the dark chocolate, matcha and custard ones whereas avid salted-caramel fans won’t be able to put a stop to munching on these yummy treats.

Michelle Young


From original vanilla, corn, Nutella and pistachio — we are certain you won’t be able to resist.

Pictures by the respected eateries & Kate Munyi18


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