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Sneak more protein into your diet at Meatology by Chef Yenni Law

by Grace Sundram

For those who are familiar with the culinary industry, or you’re an aspiring chef or an avid foodie, you probably have come across the name of Chef Yenni Law. You may have noticed her brilliance with her cookbooks and her excellent food over the years. Her experience of being in the F&B industry for 25 years and working around the world in England and Spain has gained her the benefit with the creation of Meatology by Chef Yenni Law (rebranded from its original name, Boathouse).

Meatology is located in the famous hangout spots of Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) and has been around for many years. When you enter, the interior of the place offers a fun and inviting experience for all. It is still hailed as one of the best places for meat lovers with delectable flavours and inventive dishes in Kuala Lumpur.

We got to try their signature dishes alongside a famous award-winning dish that earned them victory during a culinary competition. All we can say is, this place is not a misteak.

WARNING: Foodgasm and drool-worthy pictures and videos up ahead.


Escargot (RM26.80)


Commonly served and is a favourite staple dish by the French people, Escargot is basically a cooked edible land snail. There are many ways to go about cooking this, however, Meatology has continued to innovate their escargot to be super creamy and delicious in every bite. It comes with French snails that are cooked with their secret cream sauce and spinach which makes us ever ready to ‘bon appetit’. A great appetizer to start us out with.

Foie Gras (RM49.80)

foie gras

Another famous French cuisine as well, this appetizer was one of the mind-blowing flavour combinations that I’ve had with Foie Gras. This dish, has the pan-seared Foie Gras (60gm) that is served with a kick of grilled pineapple, lychees and balsamic deglaze. I love how the rich and buttery taste of the foie gras goes so beautifully well with the sweetness of the lychee. The brilliant flavours really did execute well to balance both combinations.

Truffle Siew Yuk (RM36.80)

truffle siew yuk

If you’re so used to having siew yuk in its beautiful self, you’ll be more drawn to have it with truffle all over this fine piece of pork belly. What’s so special about this siew yuk is that the 250 gm pork belly is marinated over 48 hours with Meatology’s own spice mix and drizzled with truffle paste for that elevated flavour experience. The pork belly itself is cooked to perfection and the ratio of the fatness and the lean meat is proportionate.

Char Siew Yuk (RM39)

char siew yuk

Char Siew + Siew Yuk = Char Siew Yuk and we approve of this different technique into one dish. Char siew is typically barbecued flavoured pork and Meatology turned this into a masterpiece in the roast the meat with 3 different, yet, special ingredients to produce a nice and fluffy crackling. It is accompanied by their very own secret char siew sauce that is worth having.

Other Protein

Award-Winning Duck Breast (RM48.80)

award winning duck breast

The name itself proves its worth to be one of the contenders of Chef’s Favourites here in Meatology. After Chef Shelly Saw won a prestigious 2018 culinary competition with her duck breast dish, it’s only fair for people to try this Award-Winning Duck Breast. Essentially it’s a house-smoked duck baked in an oven and served with citrus trinity sauce. The sauce contains a citrus base with passion fruit flavour and a secret ingredient that remains a mystery. The duck is wonderfully cooked and is easy on the fork and knife as you cut them up.

Hog Stuff

Espresso One Rib set (RM148 ++)

Untitled design

Served as a seasonal festive menu, this espresso one rib set comes with 25cm espresso-brined one pork rib flamed with brandy, served with herbed vegetables and potatoes.

The set also includes two drinks to top off this wholesome pork rib, the Assam Martini. It’s for sure will keep you wanting more. I love how you can feel the smokiness and earthy taste of the pork rib and the meat is so tender. While the Assam Martini was a little strong flavoured for me but it’s definitely would be great for those who like the sour, sweet and zesty side to a drink.

Hog Mahawk (RM13/100gm) – Chef’s Favourite*

meatology ribs

Do you want a grand entrance welcoming beautiful ribs to your tummy? Meatology has got it covered. Hogs to your heart’s content that will be introduced by serving it fiery hot and we’re not kidding. It is flambe style right in front of your eyes with a professional chef doing its magic to the meat. Remember to stand by with your phone and Insta story to capture the moment. The Hog Mahawk is infused with Paulaner marinated Spanish prime pork steak with a strip of fat and served with creamy truffle cream. In terms of the texture of the meat, it’s definitely tender and just the right amount of chewiness.


Rump Wagyu Marble Score 9 (RM135.00)

rump wagyu

When the marbling of a steak or rather the fats of the steak is at a score of 9, be prepared to have a melt in your mouth steak experience that you won’t regret, especially Meatology’s Rump Wagyu. It comes with a size of 250gm rump wagyu that is accompanied with rosemary and garlic cloves.


P.S don’t forget to try their homemade salt that goes with the steak. There are four different salt preferences for you to try, namely: meatology, silkroad, smoked and truffle. Our favourite: Meatology.

The Rump Wagyu certainly exceeded our expectations with its wonderful medium-rare meat, the juiciness upon every bite of steak and the colours on the plate with the other ingredients is such an Insta-worthy shot, legit.

P.S. The pumpkin mash was the bomb.

Meatology also makes their own pastry as well and the taste is pretty impressive too.


The Real Rum and Raisins Pie (RM18.80)

rum and raisin

As the name suggests, it contains alcohol. This dessert is such a lovely one to end our day with as the richness of the pie and the creamy, boozy texture it brings out just made us smile with joy. Definitely, a must-try.

Chef Yenni Law also suggests a few of the many amazing dishes you can have here if you’re indecisive, such as their Grilled Cincaluk Pork, Quinoa Salad, Tuna Tataki, Truffle Spaghetti, and their ice cream.

Since we also want you to keep safe and healthy, Meatology also has the option to order online and deliver it right through your doorsteps with Beepit and Foodpanda. Don’t forget to check out their festive special to have it from home with your loved ones.

Presentation: 4/5 | Taste: 4.5/5 | Value: 4/5

Hours: Opens daily 11 AM – 8 PM, closed every Tuesday (operating hours defers with the implementation of MCO)

Address: 16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Pictures by Leonard Sinclair and words by Natasha Christopher

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