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Add a dose of colour with these tinted lip balms

by Grace Sundram

Whether you’re the type who goes for a make-up-less look or you’re just feeling bored of putting some during this quarantine period, applying a wash of tinted lip balm would just do the trick. It doesn’t just give you a flattering dose of colour to your natural glow but it will certainly leave your lips feeling softer and smoother in time. You could also add a little colour to your cheeks with that same lip balm as well. How cute. 

Here are LipIce’s tinted lip balms that you should try out this stay at the home season.

Magic Color



This colour changeable lip balm works like magic as it will change colour according to your body temperature. It also helps moisturise your chapped lips since the hot season is here for 10 hours straight.

Pink Mixberry

Get fuller and bouncy lips with this variant of lip balm. As it contains the effective antioxidant of vitamin E, it will help protect your lips against the harmful environment.



Raspberry Red

Enriched with Super Hyaluronic Acid, this tinted lip balm is able to lock-in moisture to keep that lips yours hydrated all the time. On top of that, it also contains SPF15 to protect your lips from those harmful UV rays.

Wildberry Pink

It comes infused with vitamin E, an antioxidant that works to help repair dry lips. With one swipe of this, your lips would stay smooth and healthy all day. And it gives your lips a soft natural pink look.

Oil in Colour


Chic Red

Switch your favourite lipstick to this moisturising lip balm that gives out the same red tone to your lips.

Sweet Pink 

The lip balm contains a rich formula of essential oils that will instantly melt onto your lips.

Pop Orange

Expect to get a smooth and silky texture once applying this highly pigmented lip balm.

Smoky Rose

In comparison to other lip balms, this variant is not sheer and promises to give you that bold lip look just like how a lipstick would too.

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