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Here are some myths & facts when it comes to using a serum

by Grace Sundram

Most of the time those who just got on the skincare routine game often get confused with the steps. Especially when it’s regarding serums and moisturiser. So one thing you have to remember is that both of these products work differently. The serum works directly into the deepest layers of the skin so it can provide intensive care internally. Meanwhile, the moisturiser only works on the outermost layer of the skin and keeps the skin hydrated.

With that said, here are facts and myths when it comes to applying your serum.



1. You don’t have to cleanse your face thoroughly before applying the serum.

2. No need to wear sunscreen after using the serum during the day.

3. You can skip the toner and straight apply the serum.

4. The serum can only be used once a day with the littlest amount.

5. You can apply the serum in any way you like, don’t have to follow the routine.

6. Don’t have to massage and rub the serum evenly on the skin.



1. Serum must be applied after the face is cleansed and once the toner step is applied. This will make the active ingredient in the serum absorb better into the skin without being obstructed by any impurities or dead skin cells.

2. The serum will disintegrate when exposed to ultraviolet rays so make sure the use of serum is always followed by moisturiser and sunscreen.

3. Toner (water-based type) helps the serum to absorb into the skin better.

4. For better effect, use the serum twice a day. Once during the day and another at night preferably before bed.

5. The correct order of use when it comes to the serum is like this: Cleansing, Toner, Essence, Serum, Moisturiser and Sunscreen. If the serum is more watery than the essence then you can use the serum first followed by essence and further products.

6. Gently massage the face after using the serum as it helps to increase the rate of serum absorption into the skin.

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Pictures by Evian Lee & Joanne Shingwei Lee

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