Home Highlight Charlie Lim releases music video for “Won’t You Come Around” single featuring Aisyah Aziz

Charlie Lim releases music video for “Won’t You Come Around” single featuring Aisyah Aziz

by Grace Sundram

Being single has its own perks however when you begin to share a life with someone significant, it becomes a privilege. Loving someone has never been this easy, as they would all say when they’re in love and oh, what a lovely feeling that is. Charlie Lim’s latest single “Won’t You Come Around” featuring Aisyah Aziz is all about understanding that your search for the “one true love” doesn’t exist. To be in a relationship, a couple should always compromise, accept and trust one another in order to build that true love that we are all looking for. At the same time, being able to love yourself even when you’re focusing all of your love on another person. You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself and that is a fact.


This latest single is a collision of two worlds where Charlie and Aisyah have created something fresh and beautiful after sharing the stage back in 2018 during Singapore’s National Day Parade.

When it comes to the question of how the song came about, Charlie shared that he began co-writing the piece with longtime collaborator Chok Kerong. After finishing writing the melodies and his part of the lyrics, he then realised that “Won’t You Come Around” had the potential to be a great duet.


Even though the production is quite modern, I felt like the mood of the song was reminiscent of an old soul ballad, and thought Aisyah would be perfect. She’s so expressive and her tone and phrasing make her one of the best singers in our generation, and everything she brought to the table just fit so effortlessly. — Charlie.

Featuring a tinged of modern R&B and gospel sound to the song, “Won’t You Come Around” certainly showcases both singers range and complexity of their voices.


As for the vision of the music video, it was directed by Jonathan Choo — a dear friend of Charlie’s and wanted to dabble on the concept of navigating through life and time by slowing down the character’s movements and whatnot. This is where the representation of being able to pace yourself when it comes to loving yourself or loving and making a relationship work comes to life in the video.

The “Won’t You Come Around” music video shows two characters (played by Charlie and Aisyah) stuck in a trance as they roam aimlessly through the sea, sand and gravel. What seems like two parallel universes eventually combines together and both lovers take respite in each other’s company after going through some real personal struggles.


“The visuals are pretty open to interpretation,” said Charlie. “But I liked the idea of having sand representing time, water as change and rebirth, and the gravel of the road as a kind of death. There are quite a few shots that do reference themes of a number of my previous videos as well, which is another thing I like to do because things always come full circle. I couldn’t have done this without Jon and his amazing production team, it’s always a privilege to be working with them.”


“This is the 4th video I’ve done with Charlie and I count our working relationship as one of my greatest blessings,” said Jonathan Choo. “It’s not often you find an artist that you can collaborate and grow together through different stages of your life. But when you do, it is a beautiful thing because the exchange of ideas is fluid and mutually respectful.”

Pictures by Charlie Lim

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