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CNY 2021: A satisfying steamboat feast with your family for your reunion dinner

by Grace Sundram

Huat’ your way through the Ox-picious start of Chinese New Year with an abundance of luck and prosperity. The pandemic has changed the way people celebrate this year, but even with the new normal, the tradition continues; the Chinese customary tradition of giving, of sharing a meal, with bountiful joy and laughter.


Being one of the pioneer homegrown steamboat restaurants, Coco Steamboat truly believes that the bubbling broth and the sizzling sounds of the steamboat represent more than just good food. It represents a tradition that strengthens bonds by sharing a pot of happiness with people both near and far, physically or virtually.

This Chinese New Year, the brand also thoughtfully reflected upon the hurdle of maintaining traditions virtually and launched a web film entitled “Reunited Apart”. The film portrays the idea of a reunion that one could attend despite being miles apart, but with the right use of gadgets (such as a handphone stand), anyone will be able to enjoy the virtual reunion meal with their loved ones effortlessly.

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Indulge in thoughtfully prepared ‘Abundant Dabao Sets’ with an exquisite selection of seasonal ingredients from Coco Steamboat alongside its special Pork Bone Broth base (first-of-its-kind in Malaysia) delivered to one’s doorstep for a cosy setting of reunion meal.


Coco’s ‘Abundant Dabao Sets’ are available in three (3) packages with a price of RM288, RM488 & RM688 and accommodates different numbers of pax accordingly. Each set will also feature a special Chinese treat; a pack of garlic-flavoured ‘ba gua’ (salty-sweet dried meat) from the homegrown brand, Oloiya as a value kit for customers while supporting other local businesses at the same time.


To ensure that nothing gets in the way of this long-lived reunion dinner tradition, with each purchase of the ‘Abundant Dabao Set’, Coco Steamboat will provide its customers with an exclusive gift of phone stand while the stock still lasts.

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