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CNY 2021: The updated SOPs to celebrate the auspicious day under the MCO

by Grace Sundram

Our Chinese friend will be celebrating Chinese New Year this coming Friday (Feb 12) and Saturday (Feb 13). Although the initial MCO standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the celebration was not what the Chinese community expected, the ministry of National Unity (KPN) has come up with the improved SOPs that seems much better.

When it comes to the annual family reunion dinners on Feb 11, the announcement states that the family’s big meal tradition is only to be attended by no more than 15 family members and those that living within the 10km radius. Interstate travelling or crossing the borders are still not allowed.

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As for religious activities, those celebrating the auspicious occasion are allowed to go to the temples on February 11, 12 and 19. But they will have to always abide by the SOPs. Also, the number of worshipers in the temple should not exceed 30 people at a time.

Prayer time is allocated for only 30 minutes while the temple will undergo a 30-minute cleaning and disinfection before the next prayer time. The prayer schedule starts from 6 am to 2 pm.

However, prayer activities on February 19 are only allowed in their respective courtyards at night according to the Chinese New Year celebration tradition for the ‘Hokkien Clan’.

So with that said, we hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe Chinese New Year.

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