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Grace’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021: Surprise your significant other with something different & meaningful

by Grace Sundram

Breakable Chocolate Heart

Green Canary Chocolate


This simple and elegant breakable chocolate heart is basically like edible pinatas filled with candy and sprinkles. Over at Love Green Canary, their design comes with chocolate-covered strawberries, oreo, caramel praline & chocolate-covered pretzels. Apart from them,  you can request to put anything inside the breakable chocolate heart such as a note and a mini thoughtful gift.

Personalised canvas & glass painting

The Art Vault


If you have lots of cool snapshots stored but have no idea what to do with those shots, you can surprise your significant other with their very own personalised canvas prints.


Displaying a photo of the two is certainly an eye-catching way to showcase your treasured photos. Not only do they add a touch of class and elegance to your photos, but they can also help give an artistic flair to your space plus your significant other might just be in so much awe.

Illustration screensaver

The Art Vault


If you want to keep that memory on your phone but with a twist, why don’t have it illustrated and save it as a screensaver?

Gift box

Starstruck Bakery

sushi rotary

Why run around searching for flowers and chocolates when you can just place an order for this lovely Valentine’s Day gift box. This curated set comes with a rose bouquet, 3 pieces of vanilla cake-sicles, 1 signature fudge brownies, 3 Ferrero Rochers and 5 Hershey’s kisses. The best way to surprise your significant other is by giving all things chocolate and roses for this romantic day.

Hendricks Gin 


While not everything in life is a bed of roses, with Hendrick’s Gin, it could be! Give your special someone a limited-edition Hendrick’s bloom box, featuring a 700ml bottle of Hendrick’s Gin encased in a box of preserved blooms. With only 10 bloom boxes up for grabs, be first to get your hands on a box at Boozeat and TheGoodstuff and have it delivered to your Valentine*. It’s a gift any gin-lover will want this Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing better than a gift that you both can enjoy.

For those with a flair for humour and the gift of wit who prefer an unusual and oddly romantic way to showcase their love, Hendrick’s presents the biggest, proudest and most peculiar ‘Cu-lossal”. Because money can’t buy love, the “Cu-lossal” can only be won by humour.


Put on your Mad Hatter hat and complete a poem on the Hendrick’s Gin Facebook page to win the one-of-a-kind bouquet crate complete with 50 of the finest cucumbers, blooming roses and a bottle of gin made oddly delivered to your loved one on 14 February 2021. Look-out for our contest post that would be published from 6 February to 10 February 2021, and submit your poem via a comment on the post (contest closes on 10 February 2021 at 23.59pm).

Hendrick’s, much like love, is the combination of two unique ingredients – rose and cucumber – that are curiously delightful apart but unusually delectable together. The unique taste of Hendrick’s simply would not be if not for the infusion of this peculiar and perfectly whimsical pairing.

The Sweet Sugar Bakeshop


This marks the first collaboration of the brand with BoochPlease MY Kombucha featuring a combination of sweet and healthy for your partner this Valentine’s Day. The cookie gift set includes their buttery soft “Yoda Only One For Me” cookies and one of their best sellers, “First Love”.

Pictures by the respected brands

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