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Here’s why you need to wear sunscreen everyday

by Grace Sundram

Having clean and acne-free skin is what everyone wants for themselves. Not just for women but also for men. Nobody got time for a sudden breakout hence why it is important for us to do proper research before starting a new skincare routine. That said, applying sunscreen or sunblock is another step that is advised to not be skipped. Sometimes even the skincare experts remind us to keep applying sunscreen or sunblock if you’re just staying indoors all day.


Besides the fact of protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays, sunscreen could also prevent wrinkles, pigmentations as well as protect the skin from getting dehydrated. To emphasise more on this, we have to understand that we live in a very hot country and no matter what, we are constantly being exposed to sunlight and that’s not healthy for our skin.


That’s why with the Sunplay UV Watery Gel and UV Whitening Moisture Gel, we can finally say goodbye to those horrible fine lines and stay protected all day long. These sunscreens have mild formulas that can be used on a daily basis. On top of that, it also has a super light texture — unlike those sticky, greasy ones out there.


Suitable for all skin types and it even comes with a brightening effect to give you that radiant glow that you’re looking for. These sunscreens from Sunplay is available in their limited-edition Snoopy & Friends packaging so make sure you snag a bottle for yourself real soon.

Pictures by Mekie Chee, Gladish Chan, Nana Bebu, Allure& Qinkerk

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