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Workout videos that you won’t get bored of easily

by Grace Sundram

Are you tired of going online and having no idea which workout videos to choose from? We just searched for ‘workout videos’ and we were hit with 2,420,000,000 results which is pretty overwhelming. Plus, for those who just started working out from home since the MCO 2.0 started, you might want to try out something different — something that might keep you excited and hyped as you lose those calories.

So with that said, we have rounded up few videos for you to check out that personally, our resident foodie slash beginner fitness enthusiast has been raving about for the past few months. If you like dancing, then you’ll certainly like this list.

Beginners, let’s go

This 15 minutes beginner workout for fat burning will get your heart pumping. But the best part of this video is that this is no typical HIIT workout where you would need to jump and whatnot. Plus, many of them who doesn’t work out as much have vouched that Emi’s exercises have been very effective for them. So if you’re just starting out and have no idea which video to choose from, we reckon you to check this one out.

In case you rather get flexible this MCO, you should check out this full-body yoga flow in order to start your day perfectly.  It’s absolutely suitable for those who are planning to get started in the yoga scene. On top of that, it works as a great cool-down regime after any high-intensity workouts.

Dance your calories away

MadFit’s videos would not just help you to lose weight but will actually teach you how to move and sway that hips of yours. One of our favourite videos of hers is this full-body ‘dance’ cardio routine where she would groove to some throwback 2000’s songs from Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher and more.

Me: *pulls up to the club and starts doing this dance once the song plays* Everyone, literally everyone: “Wtf is she doing?” — Nikie Maanao

Who said you can’t be sexy while working out? With just 15 minutes, this sexy dance workout will get you grooving or probably getting it on with the mountain climbers.

Its a trap! You have fun and then all of the sudden a wild mountain climber appears! Be aware! — Alissa Johari

PWR HOUSE Spin Classes

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Most of should know who is Yi Ping Teo and if you don’t, you’re probably living under a rock. She has made a name as a fitness instructor in Kuala Lumpur and has taught plenty of ‘booty popping’ workout classes before. Just a few months back, Yi Ping and her partner Han Pin Ma have launched PWRHOUSE — a place where individuals can grow, stay fit and be empowered.

If you want to try spin for the first time, it’s only right if you sign up for PWRHOME Virtual Classes. You can purchase the credits for as low as RM15.00 and loan a bike for RM350.00 for 7 days straight. Plus, the whole package will include a pair of spin shoes and dumbbells. Such a steal, if you’d ask us.

Weekly Shred Challenge

Chloe Ting is an Australian fitness influencer and became popular for her home workout challenges. Her workout programs are completely free and on top of that, she also gives out her recipes to make simple yet healthy meals. Many have participated in her challenges and have gotten magnificent results. What makes it exciting is that there’s no equipment needed. So if you’re looking to push yourself to the limit or to help keep your fitness journey on track, you should check out Chloe Ting on YouTube.

Lazy Girl Workout

There are days when we get super hyped up and there are days where we’re just wanting to be complete bums. But if you’re feeling guilty of skipping your heart-pumping workouts, then you should consider this lazy girl full body workout that only takes 7 minutes. There’s no catch here and there’s certainly no jumping as well. Vicky promised that you can also do this workout in bed and that’s super exciting to hear. Brb, we’re about to workout in bed now.

Stay fit and stay healthy this MCO.

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