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How to keep you and your family occupied during the MCO

by Grace Sundram

Saddened by the subsequent waves of the outbreak, the Federal Government has enforced a Movement Control Order in many States in Malaysia to help deter the transmission of the lethal Covid-19 virus. During this time, the opening operations are limited to essential services, as we concentrate on safety measures in the midst of this pandemic.

Neither of us should panic or worry as long as we are abiding the SOPs by staying indoors. That said, we have listed few ideas to keep your kids and you busy during the Covid-19 closure so you won’t get bored.

It is time to take out and dust away your board games


From Monopoly, Scrabbles to Throw Throw Burrito, have an awesome family bonding time with board games that can be a fun activity for all.

Keep a daily journal of what your family and you have been up to


If you’re trying to keep track of the things you do during the lockdown period, try journaling. These records will be a cherished memory one day in the future for both you and your family.

Now is a good time to bake


Bake some cakes, cookies or macaroons, who knows if it would turn out so good that you might just be able to sell them.

Learn to do meal preps


In case if you are working from home, a pre-prepared meal is always the best to keep your family and your full, especially during lunch. You also get to save time from cooking.

Movie nights at home


Each night, a family member gets to choose what to watch. Now that Netflix has tons of good shows, you will definitely never run out of films and series.

If you haven’t started, try working out at home


The MCO period is the only time you have TIME to make a change for yourself. Why don’t you have a group workout session with your family members? It is much more fun and exciting to workout with people than by yourself.

Redecorate and repaint your house


Another reason to redecorate your home if you have to keep stalling all year. At least everyone is home and you are able to delegate the tasks and don’t feel too overwhelmed when it comes to the organising and painting part.

Go camping in your yard


Would (especially) work great for those who have a landed property. Imagine glamping in style and all at the comfort of your own home.

Start home gardening (indoors or outdoors)


Pick up a new hobby. Try to keep some plants alive and bring more nature into your home will definitely change your perspective and the whole aura of your home completely.

Jam up these ideas to keep your family and you occupied during these tough times. This way you get to refrain yourselves from going out. Plus, you get to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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