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A portable label maker that you can take to places

by Grace Sundram

Are you someone who tends to always surprise people with gifts but there’s a time when you forget to label ’em? Fret not because, with this portable label maker, you can do anything.

Design 4/5


The Epson LW-600P measures at 54mm wide and 146mm high, meaning it is not so bulky and fits perfectly in your bag without taking much space in it. Although the overall build is made out of plastic, the whole thing still feels solid and robust. If you ask us to describe it, we think it actually looks like a PC but a way tinier version of it.

Features 4/5


This compact and mobile label printer is the perfect use for soccer mums, the office or even at the school. It can be printed on different tape sizes of 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm which is quite convenient especially that we can create your own label, QR code, barcode, label catalogue or ribbons. As for the labels, it comes with a good adhesive and seems like the print is hard-wearing. On top of that, the backing paper is so much easier to peel in comparison to the ones that are available in the market.

With an automatic built-in cutter, you can get a seamless, straight cut label without any of that crooked nonsense.

Performance 3.5/5


It can be powered by 6 AA batteries or the AC adapter which is pretty convenient. Anyhoo, to actually use it is pretty simple, to be honest. Just connect the label maker via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet and you can start designing your own label through the iLabel app. It is a free app so you don’t have to worry. The one-off thing about the LW-600P is that it comes with no keyboard of its own so it’s pretty tricky. Either way, just go along with it.


To get these label printed out, it would usually take 10.7 seconds if it’s coming from an iPhone. However, regardless, 10 seconds doesn’t seem too long and most people don’t take this into consideration when they’re purchasing a label maker. As long as it gets its job done.

Value 4/5

The Epson LW-600P is priced at RM548.00 and can be purchased via Lazada. Best part? You would get a free vinyl tape with every order.



Users would have a reason to use this sort of device. From being a labelling enthusiast or to simply installing cables, the LW-600P makes all things easier. There is no setup hassle and we enjoyed the quality of the output as well.

As it comes with Bluetooth, USB connectivity and it is battery-operated, we’d say that this versatile printer is something that we should have either in the office or at home.

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