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You can never go wrong with another gift guide — this time, it’s fancier

by Grace Sundram

Cartier presents its new collection of Objects and Accessories, paying tribute to some of Cartier’s historical signatures with the exploration of its emblematic animal the Panther, the Entrelacés, the Cartier Baby offer and playful accessories and objects with Diabolo de Cartier aesthetics.


They symbolize the richness and diversity of the Cartier universe. With their colours and materials, these new objects and accessories have a clear Cartier branding, immediately recognizable and linked to the Maison.


A notebook and pencil for writing, a rattle for the baby, a game of solitaire to play, a vase for decoration… all these objects respond to the desire to bring joy to yourself and others.


The variety of objects and accessories makes it possible to offer a Cartier gift for multiple different occasions. They are for everyone, for members of our family, for dear friends or for yourselves. To say thank you, to celebrate a special occasion, to surprise or to show love.


“This new collection expands Cartier’s range of objects, designed to keep with you or to decorate your home. For your own enjoyment, or gifted to your loved ones as a physical sign of affection, all are imbued with elegance and refinement making this a state of mind as well as a collection.” Cyrille Vigneron, President and CEO of Cartier International.

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