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These new Chinese culture LEGO playsets are out just in time for CNY 2021

by Grace Sundram

We are still kids at heart and when we found out that the LEGO Group has introduced three new LEGO themed sets of the classic Chinese culture and legends, that certainly made us super excited. Similar to the popular LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival and LEGO DUPLO, these new playsets offer fascinating building challenges along with hours of creative play.

LEGO Story of Nian (80106)


Inspired by the Chinese legend where a mythical beast Nian comes to attack villages every Spring. It is known that the only way to get rid of the beast is by using anything with the colour red, start up a fire or stir up something chaotic that produces a loud noise. Because of Nian, people would light up firecrackers during the Chinese New Year Eve and also why everyone is seen to be wearing instead of any other colours during the auspicious day.


This 1,067-piece LEGO set consists of a brick-built, traditional Northern China-style residence in a snowy scene and a posable toy Nian creature. It also features 5 family minifigures, an ox costume and a snowman figure, plus assorted accessory elements such as a fire torch and spring-cleaning equipment for creative role play.

The residence has lots of traditional decorations including buildable fireworks and firecrackers, hanging lanterns, festive banners, plus 2 cabbage elements and 2 warrior guardian stickers.

LEGO Spring Lantern Festival (80107)


It recreates the magical atmosphere of the festival which marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Featuring a brick-built Asian garden with moon gates, pavilion, pond and bridge, and an ox lantern, illuminated by a LEGO light brick, to mark the Year of the Ox.


The playset is also perfect for building solo or with family and friends as the garden is decorated with buildable lanterns and traditional Chun Lian banners as well as bringing the centrepiece to life with 7 civilian minifigures.

Modern accessories such as a buildable bubble tea, mobile phone and selfie stick also make the whole set seem like it’s been designed to picture the festival during the present day. Besides that, it also comes with additional elements such as a rabbit lantern, Tang Yuan rice ball and a minifigure-shaped lantern to welcome visitors at the entrance.

LEGO DUPLO Town Happy Childhood Moments (10943)


Made just for pre-schoolers, this new LEGO set introduces two exciting events with two alternative building designs: the Chinese New Year celebrations as well as the first day at kindergarten. The children can choose to play out traditions of their family such as exchanging their ang paos and eating dumplings. Whereas they could also choose to role-play and prepare the day at kindergarten.

As a standout, feature-packed gift, this 2-in-1 playset is packed with high-quality features, including opening doors and windows, textiles for the beds, opening drawers, a dim sum table to rotate and a slide for figures to ride down.

These three new LEGO playsets are now available at all LEGO stores in Malaysia. From 15th January onwards, families can enjoy awesome festive deals and activities by visiting  Mid Valley Megamall and Johor’s Mid Valley Southkey. On top of that, LEGO enthusiasts will also be walking away with fantastic prizes.

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