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#ICYMI: Foodpanda’s top 5 moments in 2020

by Grace Sundram

The year 2020 has been filled with great challenges and lessons. The new normal has had us physically distancing, but not socially nevertheless. This year, we witnessed foodpanda delivery partners take on the frontliner role, presenting us with the opportunity to receive joy in ways more unique than ever.

2020 has also been monumental for many of us but for the food delivery platform, they had to work harder than ever before to satisfy Malaysia’s cravings one order at a time.

Let’s take a look at some of their interesting launches, activities and exciting achievements for 2020.

Crowning the most popular on the foodpanda app – Roti Canai and Milo


For the most part of 2020, being in such turbulent times also means supporting local businesses, helping small enterprises and exploring one’s own backyard. And with that, foodpanda is proud to crown Roti Canai as the most popular local Malaysian dish with over 1.4 million pieces ordered on the app. Roti Canai remains a staple for food lovers, followed closely by Roti Telur next on the list.

Be it iced, hot or even Milo Dinosaur, Milo was the most popular drink with over 61 thousand litres delivered by foodpanda.
Needless to say, we Malaysians love our Roti Canai and Milo combination so much that even when staying home, we have to have it.

Launched foodpanda shops


Earlier this year, foodpanda launched an on-demand delivery service, foodpanda shops – offering daily essentials and groceries from over 3,500 vendors nationwide with a delivery guarantee of 30 minutes. foodpanda shops let you order a vast variety of goods. Some of their most popular product categories are Beverages, Snacks, Fresh Foods, Frozen Foods and Personal Care products with the most popular vendors on foodpanda shops being Tesco, 7 Eleven, FamilyMart, Marks & Spencer, Lulu Hypermarket, Watsons, Shell Select, and Petron.

pandamart is now LIVE in Malaysia


In early December, they delved deeper into foodpanda shops to bring you pandamart – an on-demand delivery service for groceries, household essentials, beauty products, fresh produce and even over-the-counter medication delivered directly from our own storage facilities.

pandamart stands out by “making it snappy” when it comes to delivering your goods. With 25 (and increasing) dark store locations, pandamart allows you to receive your items under 20 minutes.

Making breakfast and just realised you ran out of eggs for your soft boiled eggs to go with your Milo and Roti Canai? No problem because foodpanda can bring you your eggs before you’re done setting the table.

In fact, eggs are one of the top 10 most ordered items on foodpanda shops. Some of the most ordered items also include Mineral Water, Bread, Buns and Rolls and Ice Cream to name a few.

Expanded the menu and forged new partnerships

This year, not only have foodpanda expanded the services they usually provide, but also their service partners to ensure you get more choices for your best convenience. The first major retail partner in Malaysia, Tesco, has brought up to an additional 3,000 items ranging from fresh produce to groceries, to foodpanda users – consequently increasing accessibility of items to more users than before.

They have also introduced cloud kitchen facilities for SMEs and MSMEs. Cloud kitchens are basically spaces built for food preparation and delivery without a physical storefront. There are no dine-in facilities and are set up specifically for takeaway or delivery only.


Earlier in December, the brand announced a series of new restaurant partners which they are confident will stimulate the taste buds of their customers, whatever their palette or whim :

  • Jackson’s Fried Chicken: Hot and juicy American style fried chicken made fresh to each order
  • Hooked and Crooked: The classic British Fish and Chips with different types of coated fried fish
    served with potatoes and amazing sauces
  • Lunch Box: All time Malaysian favourite dishes served right to customers’ doorsteps
    with neat and chic packaging

There are more choices constantly added onto the menu for each new customer from partner restaurants so do make sure to check them out.

Saved more than 51 million sets of plastic cutlery


Thanks to our thoughtful users, they have managed to avoid giving out over 51 million sets of plastic cutlery.
Whenever you order from a restaurant on the foodpanda app, you are given a choice of whether or not to have plastic cutlery included.

With great hopes for the year ahead and savoury (maybe also sweet!) plans in the pipeline, they look forward to making more meaningful connections with their customers nationwide.

As they say, they aim to bring joy and happiness with everything they do and plan to continue doing that in 2021 as well.

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