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If you’re into jazz then you’ll certainly like Dani’s latest single ‘If You Stay’

by Grace Sundram

Editor’s Note: The article has been updated as of December 29, 4:09PM.

One thing that makes this local artist one of a kind is that amazing raspy voice of hers that will certainly take her to places. Despite it being a very tough year for everyone, Dani Komari has introduced her second single, ‘If You Stay’ and is now available on Spotify.


Just like how writers pour out their feelings into books and articles, Dani pours out her feelings into a song instead. This chill, New York jazz vibe of a song will certainly make you get up and sway away.

From being a punk girl, a heavy metal girl, a blues girl, and finally, to a jazz girl, the singer-songwriter was named as Hitz’s Homegrown Artist Of The Month, last December and had her last single on the Hitz Met10 charts for 9 months straight. However, the pandemic has taken a toll on her success as the entertainment industry is on a temporary halt at the moment.


That said, the downtime turned to be a good time for her as she managed to work on her 2015-written tune ‘If You Stay’ and made it as her official second single.

Her latest track features a little bit of trad and modern jazz that eventually pans into a heady cocktail, replete with cigarettes and sighs intro and outro. Laidback piano underpins the sonorous siren’s vocal delivery, and ever ready with the horn section card, she throws in an ace by including a snaky trumpet solo.

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Spotlighting the amazing and talented musicians, the single features Bazli Zulkefly on the guitar, Khairul Anwar on the trumpet, Tasneem on the bass, Sylvia Wong on the keys and the drummer, Jerry. Besides being on the drums for Dani’s song, Jerry was also the man behind the mastering and producing of the song.

‘If You Stay’ has been picked up by Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist in both Malaysia & Singapore. The song has received close to a 1000 streams in less than a week. You can listen to it here.

The iconic 2020 might be remembered for all the wrong reasons, but at least it had Dani. Hopefully, once the pandemic is over, we are able to catch her live once again.

Pictures by Kanta Mata & Dani Komari

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