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How to get rid of maskne?

by Grace Sundram

Ever since we found out about the global pandemic, most of us have been keeping ourselves protected by wearing masks wherever we go. However, apart from battling the virus, we are also exposed to mask acne (maskne). So we thought that you should know a few things on how to combat maskne.

Switch to fabric masks


If you are not in health care or face many people in a day, you should try an alternative and use fabric masks instead. There’s plenty being sold out there and you should certainly purchase the ones that are made out of cotton or bamboos.

Wash your masks regularly


Like the Health DG has always advised us to take a shower right after we come back home, we should also do the same to our fabric masks. Wash it constantly after every wear so not only does it steer you away from whatever germs that have been contracted on the masks but it can also help prevent you from getting terrible breakouts.

Use the right products to combat mask acne


At the end of the day, the most important thing to prevent any sort of breakouts, you would need to have a proper skincare routine. Besides that, you should also use the right products that are suitable for your skin and acne problems such as Oxy’s Acne Control Whitening Wash and Oxy’s Acne Patch.

Not only does it work to help absorb pus and oil, but it also helps to fight stubborn pimples. If you’re searching for products that are able to speed up the healing process for a faster recovery, we reckon you to try out Oxy.

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