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This palm sized LED projector by ViewSonic comes with Harman Kardon speakers

by Grace Sundram

The best thing of having a portable projector is that you’re able to carry it with wherever you go. No wires, no hassle in setting the device up and it can last up to 6 hours of battery life after every charge. In case you didn’t know the ViewSonic M1+ is an iF award-winning, ultra-portable LED projector that can deliver years of multimedia entertainment wherever it goes.

Design 4/5


Weighing less than 1KG, the M1+_G2 is one projector that most of us need as it works well as an entertainment output as well as presentations during our office meetings. It comes with a smart stand that is able to rotate in a 360-degree angle whilst doubling as a lens cover as well. With its metal stand, you don’t need to invest in a tripod which is pretty convenient.

Features 4/5


Being able to mirror the screen from phones has never been easier. You can wirelessly connect the projector to your smart device and immediately enjoy the luxury of the big screen entertainment anywhere and anytime. Now that you won’t have to through messy cables in order to set the projector up, the M1+_G2 is streaming heaven for everyone.


On top of that, it also comes with dual speakers by Harmon Kardon that is able to fill the room with a vibrant treble, balanced mids, and a strong bass. Making your all-around immersive experience the best of the best.

Performance 4/5


If you’re planning to laze around during the weekends, this ultra-portable projector is the perfect device to turn your room into an instant cinema. Enjoy your favourite movies and tv shows with its amazing 360-degree perfect projection. It can project images onto the ceiling, wall, floor or anywhere you please – with ease. Plus, you will not experience distorted images unlike most projectors as the M1+_G2 delivers perfectly proportioned images thanks to its auto keystone feature.

Value 4/5


The ViewSonic M1+_G2 is now available on Lazada and is priced at RM1,549.00.



All in all, we think the price is absolutely worth it especially with the idea of being able to carry around your projector during vacations, meetings and so on. Apart from the great features, we also like that it comes with incredible stereo chipsets from Harmon Kardon.

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