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Say no more to wires, this mini portable video projector is a life saver

by Grace Sundram

If you are someone who likes to stream movies and music on a bigger screen — we would reckon you to check out the BenQ GV1 mini portable projector. It’s no longer like the traditional projector whereby you would have to mount it or have it fixed at only one location with a bunch of wires to connect to the source. But instead, this mini portable projector can be used anywhere and anytime with just WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB-C connectivity.


The GV1 is the solution to entertainment and frees you from setup hassles. Making things easier for all, the projector comes with a tilted hinge that is used to adjust the image height based on the user’s preference. The high-mounted lens can produce 100″ images anywhere whilst keeping the picture perfectly squared thanks to its auto keystone feature.


With its do-it-all USB-C port, the device can not only stream media but it can also charge your mobile device and even play media files from a flash drive. However, what makes this device an entertainment haven is that users are able to install smart apps to use the device to its most potential use. Always keep the projector up-to-date with the latest streaming apps, display drivers software and firmware via OTA (Over-the-Air) live updates.


Apart from using the USB-C port, users can also stream videos, games and music via dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth from any of your mobile, laptop and PC devices. Hence, it is called a cable-free projector. Users don’t have to worry about getting signal anymore because it actually comes with its own WiFi hotspot that streams wirelessly from the device’s local storage.

In case you didn’t know, at the touch of a button, the projector turns to a portable Bluetooth speaker as well. Its robust 5-watt chambered audio will allows its users to enjoy their favourite music anywhere at any time.


The BenQ GV1 weighs only at 708g, equivalent to the size of a venti cup or water bottle. In the box, the GV1 comes with a USB-C cable, remote control, power cord, HDMI to USB-C adapter, and a protective fitted bag designed to simply carry the projector.

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