Home Highlight Felipe Pantone creates a masterpiece with Zenith’s manufacture building

Felipe Pantone creates a masterpiece with Zenith’s manufacture building

by Grace Sundram

One of brightest contemporary artists in the world, Felipe Pantone is known for his famous work of graffitis, murals and installations in landmark locations across the globe.

The Argentian-Spanish artist creates a masterpiece by bringing design elements from the intangible digital realm into the real world. If you noticed, his work is about letting go of all the academic training and pre-existing notions of art by expressing the freedom by utilising modern and unconventional tools to bring his vision to life.


With that said, his vision is on par with Zenith, whereby focusing on the history and traditional roots of building the future of watchmaking on its own terms. The watch manufacturer offered its main building’s tarpaulin as a canvas to the artist. This project allows Pantone to express his creativity in art by covering the entire building’s façade in his signature style, combining a striking range of colours with digital graphics.


Being the first project of any sort especially with the building under the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Le Locle, this particular collaboration is a monumental testament to Zenith’s innovative, daring and out-of-the-box approach for all to admire.

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