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Gaston Luga’s SPLÄSH is perfect any weather and the great outdoors

by Grace Sundram

If you’re someone who loves adventure and you’re searching for a bag that can withstand any kind of weather, we reckon you to check out Gaston Luga’s newest bag, SPLÄSH. Just like its name, this backpack is waterproof and made of vegan leather, providing the highest quality in terms of usage, design and more.

What we particularly like about this bag is that not only is it water-resistant, but it’s big and light that can come in handy whenever you’re off for a hike, a road trip or for your daily usage.


Also, let’s be frank, the first thing that catches our attention to the bag is how it looks and how nice we look wearing it.  In terms of its sleek design, the waterproof material blends both features of functionalities with a trendy exterior that will never get old unlike most of the average looking backpacks out there.

From, the latching buckles, to the straps, zippers and stitching — every little detail on the SPLÄSH is well thought out. Besides looks, we still want a bag that’s mainly lightweight, but with enough room for storage, and that’s something this bag can guarantee.

Measuring at 38 x 27 x 11.5 (cm) and weighing at 800g, this premium backpack is made with 100% Polyurethane, making the bag all-around waterproof. It comes with two zip pockets on the front with the purpose of storing cards, sanitisers, and, wet wipes as well as a spare outlet of straps to store soft clothing “in case” you run out of space.


The Spläsh is also convenient to carry your laptop around for classes or for work as it comes with a padded inner pocket that works as a laptop sleeve. Though it is meant to fit 11-13″ laptops, we were able to fit in a 15″ Macbook easily.  There’s even a small zip pocket inside next to the water bottle holder.

Plus, thanks to its adjustable roll-top design and two side tab buttons, it can help cater to your needs by increasing the space inside the bag if you would ever need it.


When it comes to the comfort of carrying this bag, there’s not much to criticise except for the fact that the padded straps feel good on the shoulders as it certainly has a balanced weight distribution.

One thing you can count on is that this backpack is made for long-use and it’s easy to clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth.


In case you’re considering to purchase one, we do recommend to go for the darkest colour options which are the Black, Black-Brown and Olive-Black as it will be easier to maintain in the long run. However, if your outfit colours clash with the Black or the other two, then add some colour to your entire outfit with the Grey-Black, White-Black and Mustard-Yellow-Black.

Personal favourite? It has to be Black. You can never go wrong with the classic.

The Gaston Luga SPLÄSH is now available for purchase via Lazada for RM449.00.

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