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This natural, harm-free skincare brand promises more youthful and radiant skin

by Grace Sundram

As we all know, it is not very difficult to attain clear, healthy and flawless skin especially when you already have a skincare routine in mind. However, if you are afraid that the products you use are packed with chemicals and ingredients that might not be ideal for your skin, we recommend that you try Evolcare.

Established in late 2019, Evolcare has launched a range of products that screams nature in a more bottle — well, more like in a syringe or a travel-friendly blister pack that fits right into your pocket. With every unique skin out there, the brand believes its products are able to be your skin’s safety bubble.


Thus, as a nation, we have managed to overcome the year with pure finesse so it’s time to prepare the new year with a much clearer mind, and even better  — a clearer skin.

Introducing Evolcare’s hero products:

The Evolcare Essence: Detox


This nourishing essence is the perfect product to complete your skincare routine. As it stimulates Autophagy, skincare enthusiasts can now achieve a soft, dewy glow skin. The ‘self-detox’ process allows our cells to capture and remove waste as well as keeping the skin well moisturised, bright with anti-ageing benefits.

Sheet mask: BIO repair


As for the rescue treatment mask, this is perfect for all of you busy-bees. With the sheet material made out of 100% natural bio-grade, this would allow the product to be absorbed easily into the skin whilst it is able to still retain moisture to keep the skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

Hydrating serum: Ocean Breeze


The serum provides high hydrating properties to bind and attract water in deep layers of your skin, all thanks to Sodium Hyaluronate. Plus, it preps your face as a base before you apply makeup.

Skin-reviving mask: Sparkles


Much like its name, which contains a variety of natural plant extracts, this creamy and rich mask will surely rejuvenate your skin, eliminating all noticeable signs of tiredness and uneven complexion.

Mineral clay mask: Clarity

Originated from blended extracts of Palmetto fruit and sesame seeds, this at-home spa treatment can noticeably enhance the texture of the skin. Even with the French Green Clay, Iron Oxides and decomposed plant oil, be sure that your skin stays moisturised and supple all day long.

Cleansing water: Clear Dew


Perfect for removing light makeup and sebum, this cleansing water comes with rich amino acids and Papaya fruit extract enzymes that will gently exfoliate the dead skin without irritation.

Soothing chamomile eye gel: Vibe 


Containing Cornflower and German Chamomile Extracts, this calming camomile eye gel is non-greasy and can be easily absorbed into the skin. It will also help to brighten up and reduce the puffiness of the skin.

Face cream: Refresh

Evolcare’s nourishing cream-gel is formulated for all skin types and can help the skin feel soft, supple and energised once applied. Containing soothing lemon ingredients and natural moisturising agents, the cream thoroughly nourishes the skin and preserves the elasticity of the skin.

The pricing on these products ranges from RM70.00 to RM240.00. To purchase, just head on to their website.

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