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This security company allows users to hire guards instantly with a mobile app

by Grace Sundram

Offering a wide range of services to businesses, this new security firm has taken a new leap forward with its smartphone application, where customers can quickly recruit security guard professionals. Security2U.co was developed this year as the world’s first B2B, C2B, B2C and C2C security guard e-commerce website.

The specially developed app is reward-based with user-generated content and meta-search security guard system whereby interested users can check impartial and open customer feedback and ratings before recruiting.

One-of-a-kind solutions


As an innovative platform, it will serve to support three important groups — job seekers, employers and users.

Job seekers: Security guards, bodyguards or armed guards who are looking to secure a job can just submit their application for work immediately.

Employers: Those who are looking to hire individuals of such positions for their company can join the portal to post, search and hire instantly.

Users: Similar to employers, users can get connected via the portal and book a professional instantly.

Security2U will not only provide jobs for individuals through this tough period but will also work with renowned security companies who will offer full security guard solutions, including recruiting, selection, training and job placement.

Get to know the Security2U.co mobile app features:


● Instant security guard hiring: The app is focused on offering guards for hire, that too instantly, be it security guard, armed guard and/or guard dog.

● Verified security guards for placement: All guards are well-trained, verified and professional in their respective styles.

● Book a guard service for 8 hours: Now, for the first time in Asia, you can hire a security guard for personal reasons for a minimum of 8 hours.

● 24/7 live search for guards near you: locations of guards who are near you can be identified instantly and can be booked immediately.

● Transparent customer reviews and ratings: Security2U.co is all about being truly honest to customers where ratings and reviews are concerned. Our transparency policy encourages trust between security firms and users, so you will know better who really performs.

● Online bidding: Stay tuned for this service very soon as you will be able to bid for security guards services.


The mobile app on the other hand will be available for download from December onwards.

Pictures by Rishabh Varshney, Adi Goldstein, Security Consulting & Security Guard Services

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