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GrabFood brings back lower delivery fees and ‘mix & match’ feature

by Grace Sundram

It definitely has been a challenging year but with that said, most local businesses have been thriving online despite the circumstances. This is clear that those who actually went through digital transformation are certainly reaping the benefits of getting their brand known by more consumers out there.

Times like this are when we realise that no matter who we are or what we do, we as Malaysians do stand hand in hand and help these businesses to grow. And honestly, that’s truly inspiring to see.


Online platforms such as Grab, doesn’t just provide these businesses with an alternative means of producing revenue but also it helps to create a steady influx of orders for them. By considering everyone in the ecosystem, Grab decided to subsidize the delivery fees by expanding their traditional food merchant footprint.

Lower delivery fees on GrabFood


In June, the online food delivery service launched RM2 delivery fees and since then, orders on the platform with delivery fees below RM5 have increased three times more in Klang Valley. Thus by reintroducing these low delivery fees, customers no longer have to think twice by placing their orders and the revenue of the delivery-partners’ will not be impacted.

In order to promote more orders for smaller and independent restaurants nationwide, the delivery fees will now be as low as 50 cents for selected restaurants that are less than 1.5 km away.

Food court initiatives


We want to do everything in our power to help all Malaysians through any challenges that they may be facing. Moving forward, we look forward to fortifying our platform and services even further through technology and innovations. – Sean Goh, Managing Director of Grab Malaysia

With the recent success of the first Food Court initiative, it will be expanding to more locations nationwide by overseeing 100 food courts and 900 hawker vendors to adopt the ‘mix & match’ feature by the end of 2020. Customers now can order from multiple stalls within a food court and only pay one delivery which is quite convenient for both parties.

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