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Make every wash, a clean wash

by Grace Sundram

Growing up, we’ve all been told to stay clean and to wash our hands. However, we are now in the middle of a global pandemic and it seems like washing hands is a frequent activity that we all do every minute of the day. With that in mind, are our hands really clean, though?

Well, a solution to leaving no smudges on the dispenser and the perfect way to prevent cross-infection with germs is the one and only Simpleway Auto Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser Kit.

Design 4/5


The Simpleway Auto Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser Kit comes in a minimalistic design with the dispenser’s top unit and the flask of liquid soap on the bottom. It is super compact and measures at 73 mm in width and 173 mm in length. On the surface of the dispenser’s top unit, it integrates a power button with LED.

As for the refills, it comes in two different types of soap: Antibacterial (blue and green) and Amino Acid (yellow and pink).

Features 4/5


So, the 300ml flask should be good for about 440 times of use or about 55 days of use for an average family. Delivering the soap in the form of air-to-liquid in the ratio of 12:1, it is more than enough for one wash. The soap foam comes with an antibacterial rate of 99.9% and uses a skin-friendly amino acid surfactant that will leave the skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Bonus point: It smells divine.


Since the dispenser comes with three batteries, it will last for up to eight months before the next battery change. Absolutely convenient.

Performance 4/5


Equipped with a highly responsive built-in infrared sensor, the dispenser provides users with a contactless hand washing system. It operates easily as it automatically senses the movement of the hand and takes about 0.4 seconds for the foam to form.

Value 4/5

The Simpleway Auto Foaming Hand Wash is priced at RM50.00 on Shopee and comes with a year warranty.



Not only would this non-contact soap dispenser limit the transmission of bacteria to a minimum, but it will also ensure significant reductions in the use of plastics and soap. Apart from that, it is suitable to be stored in any setting, whether domestic or public.

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