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Light, airy and full of style — the Ultraride is for achieving running goals

by Grace Sundram

Created for runners, this new performance running shoe is built with a lightweight upper and responsive PROFOAMLITE midsole paired with PROPLATE to ensure a comfortable journey. PUMA Ultraride is what athletes are looking for in a running shoe — cushioning and responsiveness for limitless potential.


UltraRide is geared for athletes looking to hit their next running target. Built on the foundation of the Reductionist Theory, the shoe eliminates weight with outsole cutaways as well as rubber surface area for power transfer at toe-off. The light, airy upper and supportive midsole plate allows the shoe blends through a dynamic bridge design.

The global campaign feature two of PUMA’s Norwegian athletes, two-time World Champion Karsten Warholm and hurdler, Amalie Iuel.

The key benefits of this performance running shoe are:


Propulsion: An engineered propulsion plate provides midfoot stability for a smooth gait cycle, resulting in a reflex toe-off and propels the runner faster through every stride.

Lightweight: PROFOAMLITE is a new and improved high rebound EVA that pushes the boundaries of lightest-possible weight with instant cushion.

Airy and Breathable: Open-holed mesh allows for maximal ventilation while a dynamic underlay system offers support.

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