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Is this RM4.6k tablet worth replacing your laptop or PC?

by Grace Sundram

When it comes to tablets, we don’t only use it for playing games or reading anymore. It’s more like replacing our laptops and having a much sleeker device to carry around for work. So when it comes to a much more solid alternative, there’s the Galaxy Tab S7+.

Design 4/5


The design is probably the first thing that any user would look for in a tablet. With the S7+, there’s very little to complain about as it comes with a traditional slate of constructed aluminium on both chassis and back alongside a chrome-like finish on the sides. In terms of display, the tablet features a 12.4″ Super AMOLED display that supports a 16:10 aspect ratio picture with low blue light emission. One thing that we noticed was how it was absolutely bright and vibrant and how the blacks are quite inky and deep. Colours just pop off the screen plus the inky blacks are so impressive in a dark room.


In the box, it comes with both Book Cover Keyboard and S-Pen stylus which certainly offers a laptop feel as it comes with a trackpad and a functional key row. As for the latter, it feels as though you’re writing on paper and that’s quite impressive on its own as well.

However, we would like to note that as much as we appreciate the trackpad, it feels pretty slow and laggy. Also, another thing that irks me is that it doesn’t support autocorrect which is quite odd.

To unlock the tablet, users have the option to use the face unlock feature or the in-screen fingerprint scanner that is featured on most of Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

Features 3.5/5

What makes the tablet even cooler is that it comes with quad speakers all round which means users can put it to use by enjoying the four months of free YouTube Premium. On top of that, the tablet is made for professional creators to draw their designs with all the tools the tablet has provided.


With S-Pen stylus, you can do your drawing on the popular Clip Studio Paint app that comes preloaded on the S7+. A six-month free offer to Clip Studio Paint EX, the premium version of the app, will be available as an exclusive to all Galaxy users.


This version will give you access to advanced design features, including multi-page management, the ability to extract lines from 3D data, and more. And once you’re done with the stylus, it can dock magnetically to the back or the top of the device.

Note: The S-Pen will only be able to charge if it’s attached on the back of the device.


If you’re planning to get any work done, you can switch to a Windows-like interface on your tablet with Samsung DeX. Its main feature is that it’s able to run multiple apps at a time in separate windows however it’s just not as flexible as a regular PC or laptop. Though in theory, it is a great idea and I got pretty excited when I discovered DeX could respond to Windows keyboard shortcuts which made some of my work easier.

The thing is with DeX, it is still an unfinished project by Samsung nevertheless in comparison to the iPad, the S7+ does come closer to being a PC replica.

Performance 4/5


Powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset alongside an 8GB ram with 256GB of storage, we have to say that the speed on the S7+ is probably the fastest you will ever find on an Android tablet and one that chews through just about any task.

As a tablet, not only is the screen vivid and bright but it also has a responsive refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The S7+ provides smooth scrolling while users browse, game or even work using the tablet. It sports an intelligent battery capacity of 10,090mAh that adapts power output based on your activity so users can continue using the device without being tethered to an outlet.

Value 3.5/5


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is priced at RM4,599.00 and comes with both Book Cover Keyboard and S-Pen in the box. For some reason, the Malaysian version of these tablets doesn’t come with a 5G model so if you’re planning to purchase one, you would just have to settle for the only variant Samsung has which comes with WiFi.


Honestly, it depends on your needs and whether you’re going to need a tablet for complete productivity usage. Deep down, I personally love how Samsung has included a trackpad on to their Book Cover Keyboard though the laggy experience was quite a turn-off. Amongst it all, if I would purchase the table, it would be solely on the gorgeous AMOLED display and the multitasking experience.

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