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Celebrate your children with colours

by Grace Sundram

In conjunction with World Children’s Day, AkzoNobel, the leading decorative paints and coatings company and maker of Dulux paint – are keen to provide parents with a helping hand, by sharing our expertise on how to provide a positive environment for children to learn through colours.

Do you know that colours are essential for children to learn? Colours affect a child’s emotional status when learning. Thus, when it comes to designing spaces for children, colours are one of the essential elements to consider. Colours not only improves the aesthetic of the room; it can also impact their learning ability, behaviour and productivity. Based on this study, let us take you through three primary colours that will help create a positive environment for your child’s learning experience.


The first colour on our list is yellow. It helps create a positive environment when reading, enhances the ability to focus and assists in numeracy related tasks. This happens because the colour helps grab the attention of children which in turn affects the memory and increases the ability to retain information. The colour itself is one of the most joyful hues on the colour scale as it represents wisdom, kindness, joy, fun and inspiration. And when combined with different colours such as green and blue, it inspires a peaceful ambience that enhances a child’s learning experience.


The second colour is orange. This colour is an exciting and energetic colour, which is why it does not surprise us to find that 61% of females and 39% of males chose orange as a stimulating colour in a recent colour survey done by AkzoNobel in Southeast Asia. Orange is a colour that enhances a child’s creativity as it encourages critical thinking by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain. Also, an orange environment is suitable for a child to develop their fine motor skills, whether it is playing with lego, colouring or even drawing. Perhaps an orange playroom might be the creative haven your kid needs to elevate that desire to learn.

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Last but not least is the colour blue,  a symbol of the sky and ocean and can be comfortably used due to its calming effect. Psychologically, the colour is comforting as it reduces body temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate while evoking feelings of comfort and contentment. This is why the colour is suitable to be used in environments such as the classroom or playroom, allowing them to focus and feel less anxious when learning.

With all the suggestions we have provided, we hope that you are now well-equipped to create a positive environment for your children to learn. Also, remember, quality time with parents are things that children cherish, and that too is an important factor in their learning process.

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