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Say goodbye to chapped lips

by Grace Sundram

One thing that most of us have in common has got to be dry, chapped lips. So if you’re someonewho doesn’t have a proper lip care treatment, we reckon you to start soon. Then there’s the importance of aftercare. Same thing like how you’d always leave the house and protect your skin with some sunscreen, you should do the same with your lips as well. Get a proper lip balm that contains SPF protection so it can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

With that said, it’s time you know the benefits of using a lip balm since most of you are still clueless.

Heals faster


Applying lip balm when your lips need it can definitely ensure quick healing since the skin of your lips is much thinner than your facial skin. Not only just that, it can also keep new skin cells protected.

Main takeaway: Your lips need extra caring.

Let your lips heal quicker with these Mentholatum lip balms:

  • Deep Moist Lip Balm
  • Natural Treatment Lip Balm

SPF protection


As mentioned earlier, protect your lips just like how you’d protect the rest of your body. Get a lip balm that contains SPF to shield the lips against harmful UV rays so it can keep your lips looking healthy and beautiful in the long run.

Protect your lips with these Mentholatum lip balms:

  • Melty Cream Lip
  • Lip Pure Lip Balm Natural

Youthful and supple


All of us would definitely want to have plump and healthy lips. By using a lip balm, it can provide long-lasting moisturisation and if it has nourishing properties, that’s just another plus point as it will keep your lips soft, hydrated and supple all day long.

PS. Some lip balms come with nice fruity scents as well.

Get supple lips with these Mentholatum lip balms:

  • Lip Ice Fruity Lip Balm
  • Natural Treatment Lip Ballm

Ultra-nourishing with colours


Why don’t you kill two birds with one stone? Besides being able to seal in moisture, get a lipbalm that can give you a nice rosy tint to your lips with just a few swipes. There’s like a variety of shades that you can choose from. There’s the sheer rosy shade that gives a much natural lip-look or go for a much bolder colour such as red or a beautiful coral orange.

Give colour to your lips with these Mentholatum lip balms:

  • Oil In Rich Colour Tinted Lip Balm
  • Lip Ice Magic Color
  • Lip Ice Tinted Lip Balm

Protecting your lips is absolutely important. Just like how skincare is an investment, you should treat lip care treatment just the same as well.

Pictures by Sf.Fazz, Burst, JoLin, Jannah JJ & Shineeedee1


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