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Make sure your coffee reduces environmental waste

by Grace Sundram

Times like this is when we open our eyes and begin to realise the importance of working towards a more environmentally friendly future. Many businesses are now on the pursuit of global environmental sustainability whereby consumers are now more aware of the consequences and are still game to help reduce the usage of plastic. With that said, it’s invigorating to know that a premium portioned coffee brand such as Nespresso is also on the same track in hopes to lead the market by example and push for sustainability and circularity.


Consumers might not realise this but each cup of Nespresso coffee is a promise to continue its journey towards circularity in minimising waste and maximising the reuse of product materials. Be that as it may, its main focus is to create a full range of coffee capsules made using 80% recycled aluminium by then end of 2021. As challenging as it sounds, Nespresso ensures to maintain its exceptional coffee quality that they are known for. 

…Something we have worked hard to achieve together with our suppliers. – Jérôme Pérez, Nespresso Head of Sustainability.

Reaching 80% recycled aluminium in its coffee capsules have been a significant milestone for the brand especially when Nespresso launched the Master Origin Colombia coffee, in May this year. “We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve the sustainability and circularity of our operations, including the way we source, use, and recycle materials.”

Aluminium is the way to go


Not only does this infinitely recyclable material uses less energy in comparison to a virgin product, but it also protects the freshness and aromas of its coffee. All by providing a perfect barrier against oxygen, light and humidity. For these reasons, each of Nespresso’s new capsule is produced using 9.2% less aluminium material and is therefore 8% lighter. Due to the composition of the aluminium alloy required to produce Nespresso capsules, 80% is the current maximum amount of recycled content that can be used today. However, Nespresso continues to look at solutions that will increase that percentage.

Inspiring local communities 


With great ambitions for the future, Nespresso will continue its work to increase the global recycling rate which is currently at 30%. The company has invested over CHF185 million (approximately RM836 million) since 2014, in its recycling programmes globally, with over 100,000 collection points in 53 countries which is quite impressive and inspiring. 

While most of the recycled aluminium is reprocessed as coffee capsules, a portion of it is supplied to the Nespresso Second Life project, where various new products and accessories are created as exclusive and limited-edition gifts to pair with Nespresso Club Members’ purchases. In Malaysia, some of the recycled aluminium is also supplied to manufacturers to create roof tiles for buildings.

In Malaysia, there are two options available for Club Members to recycle Nespresso coffee capsules: by dropping them off at the Boutiques in The Gardens Mall and One Utama Shopping Centre or by joining the Recycling@Home initiative bypassing their Nespresso recycling bags to the courier during their next order delivery.

Carbon neutrality by 2022


Having already achieved carbon neutrality in its business operations since 2017, the company’s new commitment will tackle emissions that occur in its supply chain and product life cycle.


Nespresso has also recently announced its commitment that every cup of Nespresso coffee, both for at-home and for professional customers, will be carbon neutral by 2022. This new ambition builds on more than 10 years of work during which Nespresso has reduced its carbon emissions and compensated the remainder through agroforestry.

Pictures by The Strait Times, Green Queen & Nespresso

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