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It’s the season of giving and that calls for a new holiday collection

by Grace Sundram

The festive season is just around the corner and this local brand that is dedicated to creating healthy snacks has launched a new 2020 Holiday Collection featuring a whimsical merchandise design by Malaysian artist, MayLii Koo, of A Little Lamp. The new collection comes with new limited-edition flavours as well a Nut Butter Variety box that consists of its classic nut butters and the all-natural peanut butters.

These latest releases launched are in line with Amazin’ Graze’s mission to spread joy and share the magic of healthy eating. For the 2020 Holiday Collection, there will be three limited-edition products that will be featured and that is the Cherry Peppermint Brownie Chips, White Chocolate Cranberry Granola and Chocolate-coated Almonds and Strawberries. 


Featuring a delicious combination of juicy cherries, refreshing peppermint, cranberry seeds and coconut shreds in an indulgent layer of dark chocolate, the Cherry Peppermint Brownie Chips just screams Christmas all the way. And turns out, it is now the best-selling product of the brand.



As for the White Chocolate Cranberry Granola, it is created from a base of traditional rolled oats, honey, and cranberry seeds, spiced with fresh orange zest and cinnamon, and rounded off perfectly with a medley of cacao nibs, buttery pecans, and creamy cashews.

These two products feature a superfood that has never been used before by a Malaysian brand – cranberry seeds. The seeds of cranberries are exceptionally rich in phenolic phytochemicals which are known as an effective antioxidant, packed with fibre, heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and contain antibacterial properties that can help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs).


And the final addition to the limited edition Holiday Collection is Chocolate-coated Almonds and Strawberries, which features earthy almonds and tangy freeze-dried strawberries covered in a decadent layer of 67% dark chocolate.

The Amazin’ Graze 2020 Holiday Collection designed by MayLii Koo of A Little Lamp features Grace, a cheerful little girl who works with her forest friends Chi Chi the bird, Atlas the polar bear, Theo the penguin, Miranda the giraffe, Peter the deer, and Tammy the Chipmunk to gather fresh ingredients to create the delightful Holiday Collection products. These endearing animal friends are also featured on stylish mid-length socks with bright colours that are bound to get customers into the holiday spirit.


This year, the brand is also partnering with locally celebrated brands for two unique campaigns.

The Collect ’Em All contest campaign will feature KLoé Hotel as the official hotel partner and e-commerce platform, Shopee as an official partner. For the Self Love Holiday Kit campaign, Amazin’ Graze will partner with Nom Studio, local curators of bespoke pottery; and The Mineraw, purveyors of handcrafted natural skincare & beauty products using raw, natural & cruelty-free ingredients.

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