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Get your lunch sorted out with Master 1 Food Truck

by Grace Sundram

It’s not a surprise that this ongoing pandemic has affected many local businesses especially when it comes to the food & beverage industry. However, whenever we hear stories and see new eateries popping during this trying time, we can’t help but to support them and try out their food. That said, Master 1 Food Truck just opened recently and is an operating food truck that serves Chinese-styled lunch bento sets.

Not only do they have various options on their menu, but it’s also affordable.

We had the chance to dive in and try out seven different dishes from their menu and boy, the aroma that came from the food just made us hungrier as ever.

Spicy Mala (RM10)


The Spicy Mala bento set came with some stir-fried vegetables, hot pot ingredients such as fishballs, deep-fried beancurd, seafood tofu, white carrots and enoki mushrooms with spicy mala sauce and white rice. Frankly speaking, if you are one who craves for some heat during the day, this is the dish you should go for. Not only is it spicy to the core, but it’s packed with awesome flavours. Unlike those plain, bland spicy dishes, this bento option is a +1 for us.

However, the only thing that we found off with the dish is their vegetables. It’s slightly undercooked and underseasoned so perhaps with leaving it a little longer to cook whilst adding some seasoning, the meal would be completely perfect.

Mammy Glazed Chicken (RM12)


To soothe down those tastebuds of yours or if you’re not someone who enjoys spice, then the Mammy Glazed Chicken bento set is for you. Served with fried chicken topped with marmite sauce and a side of vegetables as well as white rice, this one has got to be a personal favourite. The balance of flavours worked perfectly especially with the fact that the marmite has a quite distinctive taste to it.

Classic Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Chicken (RM13)


Not only does Master 1 Food Truck serve Chinese-style bento meals but they also have an Italian classic with an Asian twist to it. The pasta is cooked well in an Aglio Olio style and paired with two sides: chicken and vegetables. For the price, the portion is quite huge and the flavours were there.

Sous-Vide Chicken (RM12)


Moving on, the food truck even has a healthy meal option and that is the slow-cooked chicken with herbs, vegetables and rice on the side. What we enjoyed the most is the chicken as it was relatively juicy and delicious. So tender, you’d just know that the chicken isn’t as overcooked as we imagined it to be. The dish also comes with sauce options and we went with the sweet vinegar sauce. Highly recommend the sauce as it goes so well with the chicken and elevates the flavour overall.

Tom Yam Glazed Chicken (RM12)


A similar dish to the Mammy Glazed Chicken but with Tom Yam paste instead. The sour and spicy flavours from this dish are what we live for and it was perfectly splendid. Even the tender chicken cuts went well with the style of cooking. Another +1 for us, I’d say.

Crispy Fried Chicken (RM10)


This fried chicken dish comes with some Thai chilli mayo, vegetables and rice on the side. If you’re looking for some texture in your dish, then this is the one we’d recommend you to try. It may be simple yet it is a hearty meal that can fulfil your cravings and hunger as well. The chicken is fried to perfection, the chilli mayo was a nice addition in terms of flavours to the dish since the cook on the vegetables were quite dissatisfying.

Vegetarian Curry (RM12)


Last but not least, we had to try their vegetarian option that came with mock meat, tofu pok, potatoes as well as vegetables and rice. Love the flavour profile as it’s not as spicy as most Indian curries. Everything about this dish is perfect, from the seasoning to the choice of ingredients and the portion size. It’s also the right dish for those who enjoy curry but can’t tolerate spice.


Above all that, we tried their Lime Mojito Soda and Luo Han Guo Herbal Tea that was quite refreshing especially after having a hearty meal.

Those who are interested to try Master 1 Food Truck can place an order a day in advance before 5 PM. Since they cover certain areas in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, each delivery comes with a fee of RM5. However, for orders that are RM50 and above, you’ll be entitled to free delivery.

To place an order, you can contact them via WhatsApp at +60 12-989 3221.

*Promotion free delivery area
Monday: SS16, SS17, SS19, Ken1 & Ken2, TTDI, Damansara Kim
Tuesday: 3 two square, PJS 13, PJS14, PJ midtown,
Wednesday: Uptown, Damansara Utama, Bandar Utama
Thursday: Pavilion, raja Laut, Imbi
Friday: SS2, SS23, Seapark, Damansara Jaya


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