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I keep getting pimples at the same spot, what does it mean?

by Grace Sundram

Dear pimples, if you’re going to live on my face, I need to see some rent.

When I was younger, I got into an unhealthy routine of trying so many different products to help prevent acne but ended up giving up ’cause nothing really worked. But now at the age of 24, I’ve learned what works best for my skin type and that whatever brand everyone else is obsessing over doesn’t work for my skin.

Nevertheless enough of me and let’s get down to the difference between acne and pimples.

In short, acne is a condition and pimples are one of the symptoms.

At the point when sebum and dead skin cells get clumped together, it gets plugged in your hair follicles whereby it can cause skin irritation, prompting red pimples in acne.

So what does it mean when you get reoccurring pimples? Is that a sign that something’s wrong?

Well here are the major four areas on your face that you’d usually experience getting pimples.



If you’re getting breakouts on your forehead, it’s because of the thick texture of pomades. This ingredient is often used in hair products and in time, once applied to the scalp, it migrates onto facial skin and forms pomade acne.



Pretty sure you ave experienced reoccurring pimples on this particular part on your face. And that’s because the T-zone area tends to be oilier. So the only way you could help prevent any breakouts in the same place, try adding another step into your skincare routine which is exfoliating (if you have not yet) and eventually it’ll help clear your pores.



Don’t just blame it on the phone as the reason why you’re getting acne on your cheeks. Other potential causes are dirty pillowcases and the habits of touching your face with your dirty hands. Regularly clean your phone with some antibacterial wet wipes as well as swap out your pillowcases once a week. And stop touching your face.

Chin & jawline


This painful cystic acne tends to recur on the chin and jaw on a monthly basis and it’s often due to the hormonal shifts and imbalances in the body. In case you didn’t know, hormones stimulate oil production and that’s how these little buggers pop up on your jawline and chin.


Besides putting on Oxy’s Acne Patch, you can try to reduce your sugar and dairy intake.


Unless you have flawless skin, you guys should try Oxy’s Pimple Medication that comes with an active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide. With three variants, 5, 10 and Cover — the cream is suitable for those with mild pimples and stubborn acne.

All in all, whether you’re a teen or an adult — pimples are absolutely common. Just have a proper skincare routine and always have good personal hygiene.

Pictures by Byrdie, Simple, Showbiz, Nivea, Yvonne and her & Dong Cys

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