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Hydrate yourself with this natural mineral water, Island Chill

by Grace Sundram

This natural drinking water contains no additives and remains untouched from the borehole to the bottle. Rainfall from lush tropical rainforests of Viti Levu filters slowly through the volcanic terrain of Ba and Kromarua islands into a natural aquifer formed centuries ago. As the rainwater seeps downwards, it acquires electrolytes and other essential minerals such as natural silica until it reaches the aquifer, undisturbed, untouched and protected from air and other pollutants, 100 meters beneath the earth’s surface.


Island Chill’s bottling plant sits on top of this aquifer and draws this precious water straight into an Island Chill bottle. The unique and distinctive taste of Island Chill water confirms it as one of the purest waters on Earth – the Taste of Perfection, a gift of nature from the pristine islands of Fiji.


Island Chill is categorised as a soft to medium mineral-rich water. Island Chill has been international- recognized by the prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)– a leading independent chef and sommelier-based organization in Brussels, Belgium. It has achieved the highest-ranking 3-star superior taste award for seven (7) consecutive years, thus endorsing Island Chill’s world-class quality, with a whopping 90.9% overall score from the judges.


Island Chill also has the world’s highest silica content for bottled water. Silica is known for promoting healthy hair, radiant skin, strong nails and is essential for bone growth and development of the body. Silica also promotes proper mineral hormonal balance, energising the immune system.

Island Chill water is bottled using recyclable, BPA-free PET bottles. Each bottle is available in 500ml and 1.5L capacities.

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