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Everything you need to know about ViewSonic’s new LED projectors

by Grace Sundram

ViewSonic is known for helping people ‘see the difference’ by being the provider of visual solutions since 1987. As in the year 2020, the innovating brand has announced the arrival of the M series new family. These portable M series projectors now come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and the excellent sound stereo chipset from Harman Kardon and JBL speaker.

Introducing the smart LED Portable Projector M1+_G2 and M1 Mini Plus that will provide great visual and audio for all to enjoy streaming their favourite shows online. It was only three years ago when the brand began to focus on developing LED projectors especially with the fact that the technology had advanced to a level where it could offer its consumers a more versatile option for viewing.

Following is the detailed description for both models:

ViewSonic M1 mini Plus


M1 mini Plus features 120 LED lumens of brightness with native WVGA resolution. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as a built-in JBL speaker, the pocket-sized projector delivers an immersive viewing experience in just about any location. The pocket-sized projector is smart TV enabled and features versatile connectivity options including HDMI, USB Type-A, and USB Type-C. With smart Wi-Fi connectivity, the projector allows users to stream and binge-watch their favourite shows from popular content providers like YouTube and Netflix. The vCastSender™ app allows users to connect their mobile device and projector under the same Wi-Fi network and utilize the touch control to use with the projector. The app supports iOS 8.0 and above, as well as Android® OS 5.0 Lollipop and above.

ViewSonic M1+_G2

viewsonic (1)

M1+_G2 is an iF award-winning, ultra-portable LED projector that can deliver a convenient, enjoyable entertainment experience anywhere it goes. With a built-in battery, a LED light source with up to 30,000 hours of lifespan, all packaged into less than 1 kg, the M1+_G2 can deliver years of multimedia entertainment wherever it goes – from room to room, both inside and outdoors. Its smart stand enables simple 360-degree setup while doubling as a lens cover. Once the lens is uncovered, the projector automatically powers on to full brightness for instant entertainment. Stereo Harman Kardon speakers provide room-filling sound for an amplified experience, while more flexible audio needs can be realized via Bluetooth. Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity makes streaming easier than ever – both wireless casting from smart devices and built-in content streaming is possible.

With both models featuring smart capabilities as well as user-centric design, it’s no doubt why many would fall in love in purchasing these portable LED projectors. Not just that, ViewSonic smart LED projectors are an eco-friendlier alternative to other projector types, free from the toxic mercury found in lamps and consume significantly less power for improved efficiency.

To those who are interested to make a purchase, you can check out their Flagship Store.

Pictures by Review Geek & ViewSonic

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