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Beginner’s guide: Your daily skincare routine

by Grace Sundram

Before you blame it on the genes, ask yourself this — have you been eating clean? Have you been drinking lots of water? Do you go to bed each night and not worry about your skin? If the answer is yes, then we reckon it’s time for you to change that bad habit of yours.

Your skin is one of the largest organs your body has and it’s important to always take care of it. When it comes to skincare, think of it as an investment. Just like the saying, invest in your skin as it’s going to represent you for a very long time and that can’t be more true.

All skin types are different and if you’d like to start having a proper routine, we recommend you to keep it simple.

Figure out your skin type 


This is a crucial step before figuring out what to include in your skin-care routine.

After showering, wait for a few hours and observe how your skin reacts without any makeup or any other products. If your skin feels a little greasy, then you probably have oily skin. If it gets a little dry or flaky, you have dry skin. And if you have an oily T-zone whereas it is dry elsewhere, that simply means you have combination skin.

If you have none of those things, then you probably have normal skin.

Lastly, if your skin tends to get irritated whenever you use a certain product, then you have sensitive skin and you just have to carefully select products that don’t make your skin worse.

Follow a routine


Once you’ve figured out what skin type are you, it’s time to practice the three basic steps of a skincare routine. There’s cleansing, moisturising and applying sunscreen.

Keep doing this every morning and night and observe the difference.

During the day, you can get a moisturiser that has at least 30 SPF to combine the two steps. But at night, try to get a thicker product which is more moisturising as it’ll be better suited for night time use as you won’t be applying makeup on top of it. Plus when you’re sleeping, you don’t need to worry about SPF.

When you have gotten the hang of it, then perhaps you can move on to the steps that include serums, toners, essences and exfoliants. But don’t get discouraged if your skin doesn’t change overnight, it usually takes at least six weeks to get noticeable results so patience is key.



The first step to your skincare routine helps remove any dirt, oil and bacteria that you come in contact with during the day and at night. It’s important to start and also end the day with fresh skin. Not only is it healthier for your skin but you will also feel more comfortable and cleaner.

Most importantly, make sure you wash your face twice a day: morning and night.


Keep your face clean with these Hada Labo facial cleansers:

  • Hydrating Foaming Wash
  • Kouji Treatment Cleansing Foam
  • Sensitive Skin Hydrating Creamy Wash
  • Mild & Sensitive Face Wash
  • AHA + BHA Oil Control Face Wash



As for the second routine, the moisturiser helps to hydrate and soften the skin. In case you didn’t know, our skin naturally loses the ability to retain moisture as we age.

In terms of moisturiser, there’s the day and night cream that works differently. The day cream is to help protect your skin from the environmental aggressors with a lightweight consistency. Whereas night creams help repair any damage you might have to speed cellular turnover and replenish moisture levels. It usually comes in a rich, thick texture.


Give your skin the moisture it needs with these Hada Labo moisturisers:

  • Hydrating Water Gel
  • Hydrating Cream
  • Treatment Night Cream
  • Sensitive Skin Hydrating Cream
  • UV Perfect Gel



The most crucial skincare product has got to be the sunscreen as it doesn’t just protect your skin from the harmful UV rays but it also prevents the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Whenever you purchase a sunscreen, do make sure it comes with a built-in broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30.


Try out Sunplay’s Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence.

That said, finding what works for your skin is definitely going to take some time. But remember skincare is important and is an investment that will satisfy you in time.

Pictures by Hada Labo, Anthony Tran, Shiny Diamond, RF Studio, Cottonbro, Andrea Piacquadio & Empty Floor

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