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Daiyan Trisha celebrates Hada Labo’s 10th anniversary with Cahaya music video

by Grace Sundram

The Japanese skincare brand has been around for 10 years and has produced products that have helped many with skincare issues. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hada Labo, local renowned singer, Daiyan Trisha has released a music video in collaboration with the brand.

It is an original production whereby the jovial music video captures a memorable decade of all the beautiful moments of life with the skincare brand. The music video can be found on both Hada Labo Malaysia’s Facebook page and YouTube channel as well. With that said, the public can now celebrate the 10th year anniversary by participating in the music video gamification and stand a chance to win up to RM100,000 cash prize.

There will be two rounds of the contest: Music Video, which will be happening from 11th October to 26th October and the Finale Game Show which is on 31st October.

For the Music Video Contest, a total of four cycles will be held throughout the contest period with each cycle running for four consecutive days. To participate, all you have to do is watch out for the clues given on the Hada Labo website and click the hidden objects that can be found in the video. Participants will be required to find all 10 items and it’s worth noting that 25 winners will be chosen during each cycle and will win an RM500 cash prize.

Cycle 1: 11 October – 14 October
Cycle 2: 15 October – 18 October
Cycle 3: 19 October – 22 October
Cycle 4: 23 October – 26 October

Once the Music Video Contest is over, 100 participants will be selected to join the Finale Game Show contest. Besides that, the other winners will still be eligible to join regardless. In terms of winning the virtual game show, the winner will be going home a cash prize of RM50,000.

How to join:


1. To participate in the contest, participants will need to log on to Hada Labo’s microsite.

2. Participants will have to go through Phase 1 of the contest in order to qualify themselves in the finale online gameshow. The first phase of the contest consists of 4 cycles.

3. Based on the MV that is released, participants in each cycle are required to search for 10 hidden Hada Labo products placement and complete the slogan “I love Hada Labo…” A total of 25 winners will be selected from each cycle and be entitled to win RM500 cash prize each.

4. All 25 winners from each cycle will be invited to participate in the finale online gameshow and stand a chance to win the RM50,000 grand prize.

5. To watch the finale online gameshow, the public can log on to Hada Labo’s Youtube Channel

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