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A bar close to home with flavoursome food and fantastic gin

by Grace Sundram

The chance of opening up a new restaurant outlet or any such business doesn’t happen very often. Especially with the fact that we are undergoing lockdown restrictions at the moment. It may seem like a bold move to open another outlet right after the Movement Control Order but judging by the success of the first Fatboi Tavern, Devesh was determined.

Solaris is known to be a more upbeat, chill spot for many to let loose after a tiring workday. So it does seem like the perfect spot for the tavern.

Featuring a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine, this chilled-out restaurant and bar is certainly a worthwhile addition to the KL nightlife scene. Unlike other similar spots, patrons don’t have to worry about running their wallet dry at the end of the night or running out of alcohol and food options.


To begin, your resident foodie and her partner tried out one of the signature bar bites, Fatboi’s Special Wings: Mad Hot (RM16.80) and it was crazy delicious. The chicken wings and drummettes were lightly coated with some hot sauce which had an equilibrium between the sourness and spiciness. Though it may sound quite simple but trust me, the flavours are guaranteed to satisfy you.

It was a dish that was highly recommended for me to try so it was definitely a good start to the night.


Moving on to our next starter dish, my all-time favourite bar snack: Nachos.

You see, I’m someone who longs for this crunchy and addictive Tex-Mex dish whenever I’m out for a drink with some friends. And hands down, I think I have found my favourite version of it all — Fatboi’s Lamb Nachos (RM21.80). It comes in a liberal serving that consists of some flavourful minced lamb meat, melted mozzarella cheese with some homemade salsa on the side that packs quite a punch.

Who knew that Fatboi’s would be the one to take a spot in my top three favourite nachos list. It’s a nacho paradise indeed.


To accompany those flavoursome appetisers, we couldn’t help ourselves but went along and ordered some Gin. After all, Fatboi Tavern is known for their special line of gin combinations that are infused with herbs, spices and so on.

The ones that we tried were the Kaffir Lime & Asam Boi and Rosemary & Lemon Peel. 

I’m not a fan of asam boi however Devesh convinced me otherwise. The Kaffir Lime & Asam Boi has a distinct taste that gives a lovely balance between sweet and sour and I love that the asam boi isn’t as overpowering as I expected it to be.

Besides the two, Fatboi Tavern also offers other gin combinations like Lemongrass & Cucumber, Basil & Cucumber, Herbs & Spices and lastly, Tonic with Lemon. Like I mentioned earlier, patrons don’t have to worry about spending a lot for drinks as the G&T selections are priced at only RM15 nett.


After what seemed like a long time of sipping our Gins, we finally got served with the mains. Possibly one of the things I thought was a turn off for me was their service. Truth be told, appetisers came late and so did the mains however since both wings and nachos turned out great, we expected nothing less when it came to the latter.

The Great Aussie Lamb Burger (RM19.80) features a chunky lamb patty served with salad, tomatoes, onion compote, cheddar cheese and straight cut fries. Not even joking, the smell of it was nothing short of hypnotising except for the fact that the burger was a little too greasy for my taste. The unpleasant flavour still lingered long after the meal was over nonetheless, we had a couple of glasses of Gin & Tonic to wash down the horrid aftertaste.

As devastating as that was, we thought the straight cut fries were perfectly splendid.


Fatboi Tavern has seven choices of pizza on the menu, all which caters perfectly to the Asian palate. We tried Billy on the Board (RM 22.80) that came with minced lamb sauteed with a blend of spices on a crispy thin crust and topped off with mozzarella cheese and chillies.

Needless to say, it was very greasy, and we experienced the same unpleasant, gamey flavour from the pizza as of the burger. Perhaps with a slight tweak of the greasiness as well as seasoning the lamb better, we’d definitely come back for a second round to check it out.


Another specialty that this chilled-out bar has got to offer is their sweet, smooth and alcoholic Fatboi Tuak. They even got you covered with delivery so you can just stay home and allow them to sort your booze needs anytime of the week.

Presentation: 4/5 | Taste: 3.5/5 | Value: 4/5

Hours: 3 PM –  12 AM, daily

Address: K-G-12 Solaris Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Solaris

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