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Black, grey and white is the most go-to colour for cars

by Grace Sundram

Cars have evolved greatly since they were first invented in 1886 by German inventor, Karl Benz. Today, modern cars are more customisable than ever, with nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to the look of your car. The first thing that anyone would notice, however, is its colour.

Since the dawn of the automobile era, cars have always been painted in a full spectrum of colours. The world’s first motor vehicle, the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen was green, with its fully exposed engine finished in bright red. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find cars of different size, functionality and of course, “personality”. We’re talking about the colours of these cars. If it’s on a colour chart, you can bet that it’ll be on a car. 


However, despite automotive brands releasing different colour sets for new cars, did you know that the colours black, grey and white are still the most popular choices for new car owners in Southeast Asia. This is backed by a colour survey done by one of the leading decorative paints and coatings companies, AkzoNobel. The survey results show, interestingly, that 22 per cent of respondents choose black as their favourite colour, with 21 per cent and 19 per cent of respondents choosing white and grey respectively. To understand the rationale behind these choices, let us dive deeper into the colours and what they represent.


The colour black often represents power, ambition and wealth. This is evident as some of the more luxurious automotive brands such as BMW and McLaren use the colour black in their branding. Speaking of these brands, did you know that both BMW and McLaren use AkzoNobel automotive coatings for their vehicles? BMW uses them on some of their products and car parts, whereas for McLaren, use AkzoNobel automotive paint for all production road cars. Some other car brands, such as PROTON for instance, also often capitalise on the popularity of this colour, recently launching a Special Edition Proton Saga clad in black. We have to admit, a shiny, well-detailed black car looks stunning and dramatic, and will definitely attract the eyes of new car buyers. 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the colour white. It goes without saying that cars tend to look good in white. It is a colour that is often associated with purity and cleanliness. On a more practical level, if you can recall from the science lessons during your primary school days, white surfaces are great heat and light reflectors. This means white cars don’t absorb as much heat from sunlight and by extension, the inside of your car won’t be so hot after spending some time out in the open during a sunny day. And as the colour is widely preferred by many, cars in white often have a high resale value. All you need is for the car to be in an optimum condition and have a low mileage reading on the odometer.


Last but not least, comes the colour grey. Often seen as diplomatic, grey strikes a balance between black and white. Car owners driving grey cars tend to be modest and humble individuals who are often happy to blend into the crowd. The colour is simple and easy to maintain as grey does dull over time. Most importantly though, car scratches are not as noticeable when compared to other coloured cars as the lighter tone allow scratches to blend into the paint. 


While the colour of your car matters, it’s also the thing that we take for granted the most. Did you know that in order to get that shiny white, elegant black and stoic grey colours on your car, years of research and development has been undertaken by Sikkens experts – a brand under AkzoNobel – to ensure that the colours of your car remain outstanding long into the future. Sikkens specialises in vehicle refinish systems, that will protect your car to OEM standards. Sikkens products are high quality, giving a long-lasting gloss finish to your vehicle and to a certain extent, contributes to the aerodynamics of your car. 


In short, if you’re looking to give your black, white or grey car a makeover, you’ll want to look for a brand that offers an entire array of refinishing options. Sikkens is undoubtedly in this position, having been in the business for over 200 years.

Today, Sikkens is one of the world’s leading coatings brands by AkzoNobel and provides coatings for collision repairers and commercial vehicle refinishers. With a concept of ‘Creating Together’, Sikkens works with customers to accelerate the development of innovative premium products. 

Pictures by Talia, Ricardo Eiras, Fabian Oelkers & Corey Rogers

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