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Korea’s leading dermatologist skincare brand is now available in M’sia

by Grace Sundram

With the belief that beauty begins with healthy skin, South Korea’s leading dermatologist-developed skincare brand, Cellapy announced its arrival onto Malaysian shores. Specially formulated to deliver healthy skin from within, the extensive range of products promotes skin regeneration whilst addressing fundamental sensitive skin concerns at the cellular level. Cellapy is used by more than 2,500 dermatology centres in South Korea and is looking to similarly serve skincare-savvy Malaysians who are facing concerns of sensitive skin.

Founded by established dermatologist Dr. JH Kim, Cellapy combines 17 years of clinical experience, 10 years of experience in biotechnology with over 150,000 dedicated hours to research and development, to create a range of safer and methodically formulated cosmeceutical skincare products. At its core, Cellapy contains Nano-liposome DDS, a revolutionary technology that delivers effective and improved absorption into the skin, complemented by various peptides and a combination of plant stem cell cultures and liposomes, offering antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and also anti-ageing properties.


Cellapy products retail from RM 39.90 to RM 149.90 across five unique ranges: Cellapy A.Repair, Cellapy A.Repair Light, Cellapy Red Cica, Cellapy Agi Toning and Cellapy Dr. Moist. All products are available in stores and online on Watsons and Lazada.


The Cellapy A.Repair range is the most popular series as it contains plant stem cell culture solution and multiple active ingredients to help soothe skin sensitized by external irritations whilst promoting skin rejuvenation and improving skin elasticity. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin, the featured A.Repair Cream (NP RM89.90) calms sensitive skin and strengthens the skin barrier. For a more lightweight texture, those with sensitive skin can opt for the Cellapy A.Repair Light range which similarly strengthens the skin barrier but with ultra-hydration and low Ph for reduced irritation. The A.Repair Light Cream (NP RM89.90) contains 4 types of ceramide and 5 types of hyaluronic acid to provide an intense hydration boost and to strengthen the weakened skin barrier.


For those with oily skin types, the Cellapy Red Cica series is uniquely formulated with Red Cica Complex™ to effectively control oil and water balance for oily skin. While the Cellapy Agi Toning range caters to those seeking anti-ageing benefits with the treatment of uneven skin tone and sensitive skin. Offering an all-in-one moisturising solution, Cellapy Dr. Moist contains multiple types of plant extracts and ceramide to create a triple-layer hydration effect that leaves the skin cool and fresh, locking in moisture within deep layers of skin.

Pictures by Dong Cys, Casslks, Hanlibubu & Fala Zainal

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