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Experience Pasadena Burger’s first brick-and-mortar space

by Grace Sundram

Burger brand, Pasadena Burger, that brought the signature California-style gourmet cheeseburger and the first-ever dipping burger to Malaysia, is bringing its signature offerings to a physical, brick and mortar space for the first time.

From the beginning of the October month to December 31st, Pasadena Burger is teaming up with the colourful and aesthetically set Cheers2Cheers Cafe for an exclusive collaboration pop-up, where customers can order Pasadena Burgers along with the set breakfast and lunches offered regularly.


During this exclusive 3-month pop-up, customers will be able to order from Pasadena Burger’s menu at Cheers2Cheers cafe, whose offerings include their classic, gourmet Californian style cheeseburger, as well as the Pasadena-style cheese dipping burger, which was launched this year as the first-ever dipping burger in Malaysia.


To celebrate the pop-up’s launch, media friends, celebrities and influencers came together to try out their favourite burgers of choice, as well as to check out Cheers2Cheers Cafe’s sleek and elegant space, located right in the heart of KL.

Inspired by the city of Pasadena in California, home of the world’s first cheeseburger, Pasadena Burger caters to foodies who love the taste of the classic gourmet burger. Pasadena Burger’s patties are made from high-grade Australian beef, coupled with the distinctive flavour of Cheddar cheese, a staple of the American cheeseburger, as well as muffin-style buns that are the perfect combination of soft and crunchy.


Their three distinct and flavorful dipping sauces — Honey Cheese, Cajun Spicy Cheese and Habanero Southern Californian Cheese, covers the wide range of palates for foodies everywhere that enjoy sweet, salty and spicy flavours.

Be sure to check out Pasadena Burger’s first brick-and-mortar space this October 1st – December 31st only at Cheers2Cheers cafe.

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