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5 unique local & global campaigns you didn’t know started on TikTok

by Grace Sundram

Over the last few years, TikTok has grown from being just an entertainment platform, evolving into an impactful content hub with a wide range of informative content from education, arts, food, travel, beauty and more. As a platform that inspires creativity and brings joy to a worldwide audience, there is so much more to TikTok than meets the eye.

The recent and ongoing #ItStartsOnTikTok campaign encourages all Malaysian creators to share their TikTok journey with the community and how it changed their lives. However, what many don’t realize is that TikTok has been quietly going about their business on providing a seamless and uniquely diverse experience to its global community. These vibrant and inclusive campaigns have made an impact by empowering communities and celebrating diversity on the platform.

These five unique and impactful campaigns that started on TikTok shaped a whole new way for Malaysians to create content, one that is beyond just singing, dancing and lip-syncing:



TikTok understands the importance of planting the seeds of knowledge, made even more attractive through fun and exciting ways, which is why it launched the #TikTokGuru campaign. Being a haven for creative expression, this exclusively TikTok campaign empowers Malaysian content creators with many innovative ways to learn new things and impart their own unique knowledge, transcending boundaries to create a diverse content hub for eager learners spanning across generations.



If there’s one thing that TikTok takes no compromises on, it’s the Trust and Safety of its global community. A large part of this commitment is to ensure that cyberbullying and other harmful content are kept at an arm’s length from the platform. The recent #ThinkB4YouDo campaign is a unique TikTok initiative that encourages all Malaysian users to take a step back and think before they conduct any dangerous or regretful acts on TikTok.

This campaign is a long line of carefully calculated measures and initiatives the platform has taken to ensure that the millions of users on the platform feel safe and comfortable within the community. For example, in 2019, TikTok launched the #BetterMeBetterInternet campaign for Safer Internet Day as part of their commitment to providing a safe space for their users. These initiatives for digital wellbeing are aimed to empower Malaysians of all generations to be positive contributors to their community, both on TikTok and in the real world. TikTok also has a robust moderation team guided by a comprehensive Safety Centre and strict Community Guidelines, TikTok users can rest assured that their digital wellbeing is in good hands.



When the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced back in March, TikTok recognized the immediate need to educate their users and raise awareness on the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the important steps to keeping ourselves safe was by keeping clean and maintaining a high level of hygiene.

With this in mind, TikTok partnered with the World Health Organization for the #SafeHands initiative. This campaign aimed to empower all TikTok users with pertinent information on the importance of good hand hygiene. As a result, the wider TikTok community came together to create videos, ensuring all users to increase their general cleanliness and prevent germs to the best of their abilities in the name of responsible social practice.



A healthy planet means a healthier you. TikTok understands this and undertook several initiatives to look out for the health of our planet and Mother Earth’s numerous inhabitants. One such campaign was #SaveOurOceans. This 2019 campaign saw TikTok collaborate with Conservation International to focus on the critical role of our world’s oceans and why it is crucial for us to take care of our oceans for the future generations to come.

Meaningful challenges like #SaveOurOceans managed to gamify the charity experience, where TikTok donated RM8 to Conservation International with every video that was uploaded with the hashtag. In turn, this empowered users to capture the moments that matter through creating, sharing, and taking part in significant campaigns while supporting a worthy cause. TikTok users were playing their part to save the world, one video at a time.

#ExperiencePenangtiktokLast but not least, TikTok works hand in hand with local governments and agencies to complement each other’s strengths through meaningful campaigns. One such partnership was with Penang Global Tourism which took TikTok users on a journey around the most popular destinations in the Pearl of the Orient to #ExperiencePenang from the palm of their hand! This 2019 partnership marked the launch of the #TikTokTravel initiative to encourage TikTok creators to capture their favourite travel moments on the platform. #ExperiencePenang showcased every aspect of Penang’s amazing culture, heritage, arts, food, and natural surroundings.

Users took their creativity to the next level, inspired with new ways to bring their special travel moments with their friends and family to life with #ExperiencePenang and #TikTokTravel. This allowed many others to experience one of the world’s breath-taking sceneries and inspirational cultural heritage – all on mobile.

TikTok recognizes and encourages the creation of content in every way, and you can check out major highlights on TikTok in the past year here. Now that you’ve had a peek at some of these amazing and noteworthy campaigns that have started on TikTok, what are you waiting for? Get on TikTok now to share your very own journey with the community of like-minded individuals on how TikTok has changed your life.

Download or open the TikTok app now to learn more about the #ItStartsOnTikTok campaign today.

Pictures by The Verge & Tik Tok

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