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Lipton takes the lead to world peace

by Grace Sundram

Lipton, the world’s leading tea brand is using its power to inspire the world to connect and Make Tea Time Peace Time. In conjunction with International Day of Peace and partnering up with Peace One Day, its global call to peace leads clock towers and landmarks in 11 countries to lit up and stand together in unity.

Over the weekend, Pavillion KL hosted special projections that encourage us all to spend 15 minutes of quality connection every day to help people feel happier and healthier during this trying time. But this didn’t only happen in Kuala Lumpur as these installations shone bright around the world, from Sydney, Australia; to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; passing by Dubai, UAE; across Europe with London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Rotterdam and Amsterdam; followed by Latin America with Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil.


Local influencers Janna Nick and Deborah Henry supported this initiative by encouraging the community to Make Tea Time Peace Time. They also shared special but personal memories of their where they’ve made peace with someone and how it had a positive impact on themselves.

In total honesty, Lipton does bring us together and it shows since there are at least 311.5 million Lipton teas consumed every day on an average.

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