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Jiven Sekar’s latest MV, Mamak Rap got us craving for our favourite roti canai, milo ais and more

by Grace Sundram

It was only eight days ago when Malaysian YouTuber, Jiven Sekar of The Salad Show released his highly anticipated music video, Mamak Rap. Since then, it has garnered a total of 62,832 views and counting. Honestly, this has got to be one of the most creative tributes anyone has done for our local mamak and we are certainly impressed. From the special appearances, the catchy beat and lyrics as well as the on-screen visual elements, everything was absolutely on point. This goes to show that those who are in the creative industry should not be frowned upon but be proud to have such talents like him.

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As Malaysians, the mamak is where you can get everything you’re craving for and besides bars, we can enjoy hanging out with our gang until late night. Truth is, you’ll find the spirit of unity in Malaysians when you’re at a mamak especially when we come together to cheer for our favourite football club or Lee Chong Wei.

Dubbed as #TheMalaysianSong, this talented YouTuber has brought familiar faces to the screen like Talitha TanJinnyboyRyan MatjeraieHarvinth SkinTiara Anchant and more to bring praise to our local food joint.

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For those who aren’t up to date with the local Youtuber scene, Jiven featured the song for the first time on his TikTok account back in April which was nothing but just fun and games. And when the catchy beat started capturing the hearts of many fans, Jiven decided to go all out with a full-blown music video.

Fun fact: It took at least two hours to shoot the entire scene of The Last Supper.

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He even brought in producer, arranger and vocalist Darren Ashley to the project alongside fellow lyricist Vix Chandra. As for the cool dance moves that make you want to get up and groove, it was well choreographed by talented dancer, Kenneth Koshy.

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There’s even a scene where Joshua Michael and Jiven lip sync’s Rajinikanth’s famous punch dialogue to pay a quick homage to the actor, “Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna maadiri.” Basically, it translates to “If I say something once, it’s as though I’ve said it a hundred times”.

Another fun fact: The music video was heavily inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s Humble.

Even during the shoot, the team has given fans a little sneak peek on their Instagram stories. From what we witnessed, they have been filming after closing hours at Kayu Nasi Kandar in Taipan and even for some days, they would wrap things up at 5 in the morning.  If that’s not dedication, then what is. 


Mamak Rap starts off with Jinnyboy and Ryan Matjeraie meeting up at the mamak after the MCO to grab a bite together. The anneh (played by Jiven) immediately begins to rap all the food and drinks that are available on his menu when the two lads ask “Ada apa makan ah?”

The catchy chorus of the song goes like this:

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“I got ikan kari, koli kari, mutton kari, campur kari,
Go with puri, go with thosai,
All kinds of different roti,
Roti canai, roti sardine, roti bom, roti planta,
Roti garing, roti stim, roti telur, roti bakar,
Maggi goreng, mee goreng, bihun goreng also can,
Indo mee, maggi soup, kari soup, what’s the plan?
Nasi goreng macam macam macam macam got macha,
Goreng kampung, goreng Cina, nasi goreng Pattaya,
Burger ayam, burger daging, burger special double cheese,
Ada bawang, ada mayo, ada sauce, ada ghee,
If you want a custom burger,
Ramli can also do, takmau daging, only telur?
Dei, that’s egg benjo!
Want to thani? I got thani – all kinds very nice,
Teh tarik, teh halia, teh o panas, teh o ais,
Ada Cola, ada Milo, ada sirap, limau suam,
Anything you order, confirm all very ngam!

The lyrics are super detailed and humourous.

So have you watched the Mamak Rap music video yet?

Let’s get this video viral and let the whole world know how great our mamak is.

Pictures by The Salad Show

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