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Here’s how to make your own Facebook avatar

by Grace Sundram

It’s time to hop on the bandwagon and express your emotions with Facebook’s Bitmoji-like Avatars. Whether you’re happy, angry or sad, it’s time to use those avatars in your comments, stories and posts.

For those who are still unaware of this new feature, here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to create your own Facebook avatar.

Step #1

fb (1)
Open the Facebook App on your iOS or Android phone. Do make sure your Facebook App is updated to the latest version.

Step #2


Tap on the three horizontal lines that you can find at the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down and tap on “See More.” More options should slide out after that.

Step #3


Tap on the first option, “Avatars”.

Another alternative: go to a comment box and tap on the ‘smiley face’ option. It’ll lead you to the sticker tab and from there you can tap on “Create your Avatar”.

Step #4


“A new way to be you on Facebook” will pop up and you can proceed by tapping “Next”, followed by “Get Started”.

Step #5

giphyYou can now be given a choice to pick a skin tone and once you’re done, simply tap “Next”.

Step #6


It’s the same thing as the previous step but you will now be choosing your hairstyle, hair colour, face shape, eye shape and colour, makeup, eyebrows, nose shape, facial hair, body shape, outfit and so on that best looks like you. Then, tap done once you’re satisfied with your Avatar.

Step #7


Your screen will load in order to save the Avatar. When it’s completed, simply tap “Next” on the “This is your Avatar” popup and end the process with “Done”.

Step #8


Tap “Share” and let your friends see what you’d look like virtually.

Here’s what my Avatar looks like, quite exciting if you’d ask me.


Anyways, try it out and have loads of fun!

Pictures by Grace Sundram

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