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Feeling nauseous? Try eating these foods to help relieve the symptoms

by Grace Sundram

A little bit of everything goes a long way.

It was only recently when I started feeling nauseous, almost on a daily basis. The first thing that everyone asked was “Are you pregnant?” when I clearly wasn’t. Deep down, I know for a fact that it could be ’cause I skipped my lunch that day but it doesn’t make sense for it to be longing for the rest of the week though. After realising the cause, I was advised on having an apple, a cracker — basically bland foods instead of greasy or sweet foods.

And that was when I started recovering slowly so here are five foods that you should have in case you feel nauseous.



The apple contains fibre that can help ease digestion and relieve nausea as well as get rid of toxins faster. On top of that, the fruit also has tannins that work well for nausea and restoring appetite as it helps provide a thirst-quenching and cooling effect for the body. Though, it’s advisable to snack sparingly throughout the day.



At all-cause, avoid eating greasy foods when you’re nauseous. Try eating foods that are high in starch instead such as toast or crackers because it can help settle a queasy stomach. At the same time, it can help satisfy your hunger as it doesn’t have any strong aromas that can make nausea worse.



Like always, water is the miracle-medicine and works wonders for your body. Don’t try to drink in big gulps cause it can seemingly increase the nauseous feeling so, just take small sips to keep yourself hydrated.

Isotonic sports drink 


Besides water, you can turn to isotonic sports drinks such as 100plus or Revive as it contains electrolytes sodium and potassium. This will help restore your depleted nutrients and slowly keeps you hydrated after going through all that vomit.



If you have been vomiting, the best cure to help you restore the potassium in your body is by snacking on a banana. This energy-dense fruit can help relieve an upset stomach by stimulating the production of mucus from the stomach lining.

Pictures by Ola Mishchenko, Sarah Gualtieri, Louis Hansel, Andreas M, 100plus & Freepik

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