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Do you even know your coffee?

by Grace Sundram

It is no secret that most of us have jumped on the coffee culture bandwagon by making it a habit to stop at the nearest coffee shop for a delicious cuppa. For every individual, they have their own preference for coffee and would probably stick to one coffee for the rest of their lives. But on a serious note though, do you really know your coffee?

Whether you’re a latte, americano, cappuccino fan, just remember that there are so many other types of coffee drinks out there that we think you’d like to try after you’re done reading this.



I’d like a double shot. If you have said that on a regular basis to your barista, then you should know that you’re asking him for more espresso. For the unfamiliar, Espresso is actually a concentrated form of coffee that is usually served in shots but can also be served in a small cup.



The black coffee is also known as Kopi O Kosong which is a more simple cup of coffee that is brewed without any creamer, sugar or added flavours. What makes this a black coffee is the way on how it’s prepared: hot water then espresso.

If you can’t find a black coffee on the menu, then you should try ordering it using its fancier name, cafe noir.



It’s an espresso-based coffee that is distinctively layered in the order of a rich shot of espresso, steamed milk topped off with an airy, thick layer of foamed milk and sprinkles of cocoa powder. One of the most popular orders among coffee beginners.



Some might mistake a latte with a cappuccino but the difference is the layer of foam milk on the top. Just like the cappuccino, a latte is made with espresso on the bottom, steamed milk and then it gets topped with just a touch of foamed milk.



Another coffee drink that typically gets mixed up with the black coffee in terms of flavour. A slight difference with the americano is that the espresso comes before the hot water rather than after.

Ohhh, now you know.



One of the most regular go-to choices amongst coffee drinkers is the macchiato. It’s also an espresso-based drink but with just a bit of foam on the top. The rest of the preparation is quite similar to a latte.

Flat White


The flat white is prepared by pulling a shot of espresso and is topped by a dash of steamed milk hence the ‘flat’. Basically, a cappuccino without the foam and cocoa powder on top.



Those who don’t enjoy coffee but really need the pick me up usually go for this coffee drink since it’s a chocolate espresso drink. It is prepared with the espresso first, chocolate then steamed milk and topped off with some whipped cream.

Pictures by PMTP, PJ’s Coffee, Hannah Tims, Jacob Smith, Ali Yahya, Kamil S, Brent Gorwin, Carolyn V & Andreas Behr

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