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Easy-to-make Soju cocktail recipes that you can enjoy when watching your favourite K-drama

by Grace Sundram

It was just a week ago when we finished watching The World of The Married and boy, we have to say that it was definitely stressful. If only we had some soju with us, probably things would have been much better. So with that in mind, we came prepared in case we chose to binge-watch another Korean show again.

Following the Korean way, we have curated a list whereby you can concoct your own soju cocktail at the comforts of your own home.

Soju Yakult


This popular mix of beverages may seem a little basic and weird because of the Yakult choice but we promise you that it’s absolutely tasty. All you would need is a bottle of soju, Yakult and a small bottle of sprite. Just mix it all together in a glass and add in ice cubes to enjoy.

Simple yet delicious.

Lemon Soju


Lemon Soju or also known as Soju Mojito is another easy-to-make cocktail that is for those who enjoys a little sour kick in their drink. If you don’t have lemons, you can always substitute it with some limes instead. You just need a bottle of soju, a glass of lemon juice (or lime) and ice cubes. To make it look Instagram-worthy, you can always garnish the rim of the glass with some lemon or lime slices.

Soju Cider


This is another crowd favourite that can be made without any hassle. Everyone knows how apple cider is sweet, similar to a rosé but with an additional alcohol kick from the soju, it can be an elevated, refreshing beverage. Add in some apple slices as well as some ice cubes and you’re done.

Korean Screwdriver


Everyone knows that a classic screwdriver is made with vodka mixed with some orange juice. But the Koreans have made their own twist on the cocktail by replacing the vodka with soju instead. So if you’re not into the mild, bitter taste from the vodka then you can always try this version out as it is way smoother.



For the unfamiliar, Melona is a popular Korean ice cream that is loved by many but some also enjoy incorporating it with soju for a creamy kick. All you would need to make this milkshake-like alcohol beverage are a bottle of soju, sprite and a Melona bar. Just mix both soju and sprite with some ice cubes in a glass and later stir the Melona bar in until it gets thicker.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can choose to mix and match the flavours of the soju and Melano bar. To try this popular Korean ice cream, you can purchase it on Happy Fresh.

Picture by Eiliv Sonas Aceron

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